De civitate Dei.

Germany, ?Westphalia, c. 1300.

Manuscript on vellum, a complete bifolium (each leaf c. 350 x 250 mm, text area 251 x 177 mm), 30 lines in two columns, prickings in outer margins, rubric in red, initials touched red, scribal corrections, with a large penwork initial Q in red and brown with foliate infill, the extension a dragon’s body with human head, opening the prologue to Book V, ‘Quoniam constat omnium rerum’; the text on what was originally the facing recto (now folded in reverse) is from chapter v of Book V, indicating that the bifolium was not the centrefold of the gathering; very light staining below initial, but in excellent condition.


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A handsome bifolium from a large folio copy of St. Augustine’s greatest work, a vindication of Christianity against pagan critics.

From the collection of the London bookseller Ifan Kyrle Fletcher (1905–1969), with his description.

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