Descrizione e spiegazione della misteriosa figura. In occasione del santo solenne sepolcro rappresentata nella Chiesa Parrocchiale di S. Caterina Vergine e Martire, detta di Saragozza., quest’anno 1719, gli 6. Aprile.

Bologna, per li Rossi, e Comp. alla Rosa, (1719).

Small 8vo, pp. 22, [2] (last blank), in very good condition, in contemporary carta rustica.


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Scarce ephemeral guide to the decorations, paintings and statuary put on for the Easter pageant on 6 April 1719 (Maundy Thursday) in the Santa Catarina church in Bologna. The pamphlet is interestingly detailed in describing the art works displayed, their iconographical meaning, their textual sources, where they were placed in the church, the names of the participating artists (Natalino Peruzzi, Giovanni Martino Concelmani, and Paolo and Lodovico Amici), and the text of inscriptions mounted inside and outside of the church.

We could only locate a single copy in libraries worldwide, in Bologna.

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