Six lithograph plates with verses below: ‘When I was a girl of eighteen years old …’.

c. 1835?

Folio, c. 38.5 x 28 cm, unpaginated, no title-page; six unsigned black and white lithographs; untrimmed, stitched with pink silk ribbon, with the original drab front wrapper.


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Apparently unrecorded – an attractive illustrated edition of a popular slip-ballad, here reduced to 8 verses of the original 13.

When I was a girl of eighteen years old.
I was scornful as scornful could be;
I was taught to expect wit, wisdom and gold,
And nothing else would do for me …

Having rejected an ardent youth (too poor), a baronet (former tradesman), a duke (too old), and a dandy (too spendthrift), she finds herself now fifty-three. ‘But I really think that some I rejected before, Would now do vastly well for me …’.

The flamboyant fashions on display here, with ballooning leg-of-mutton sleeves and heavily-decorated headwear, suggest a date in the mid-1830s.

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