Madeira, Canary Islands, Azores, Western Morocco. Handbook for travellers by Karl Baedeker.

Leipzig, Karl Baedeker, 1939.

Small 8vo, pp. xx, 128, with 11 tinted maps, of which six double-page and one folding; an excellent copy in the original cloth-backed printed maroon boards; insignificant wear; from the library of Ian Robertson (1928–2020).


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Madeira, Canary Islands, Azores, Western Morocco. Handbook for travellers by Karl Baedeker.

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First edition in English, very rare; first published in German in 1934. Published shortly before the outbreak of the war, few copies of the English edition were distributed and the rest of the publisher’s stock was entirely destroyed by British bombing on 4 December 1943.

‘The present handbook seeks to include in a single small volume everything that is of interest and importance for the traveler to the “Fortunate Islands” of the North Atlantic, whose mild sunny climate, tempered by sea breezes, affords the best conceivable conditions for the restoration or safeguarding of health. A voyage to Madeira and the Canaries, or to the westernmost outpost of Europe, the Azores, provides a most agreeable opportunity of combining mental and physical relaxation with making the acquaintance of foreign lands, peoples, and customs. In normal times it is a comparatively simple matter to include a visit to the coast of Morocco, and thereby to gain an idea of the ‘Farthest West’ of the Islamic world. In the preparation of the handbook the editor has to acknowledge, with sincere gratitude, the valuable collaboration of many residents of and constant visitors to the islands, of the British and American consuls, and of the numerous official information bureaux. A special voyage to Madeira for the purposes of the handbook was undertaken in December 1938 by H. A. Piehler, B.A. Oxon., who has for many years taken part in the preparation of Baedeker’s Handbooks’ (preface). Porto, Lisbon, Cádiz, Gibraltar and Algeciras are also covered.

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