in Latin, 2 Chronicles 5,9–6,32; an almost complete large folio leaf

Italy, mid-12th century.

An almost complete large folio leaf, double columns of 40 lines written in a good rounded romanesque hand in dark brown ink, ruled with a hard point; one contemporary correction in light brown ink; recovered from use in a binding and with slight wear and soiling, part of top line trimmed away, small repaired holes at foot, but generally in excellent condition. [366 x 301 mm (365 x 222 mm)]


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in Latin, 2 Chronicles 5,9–6,32; an almost complete large folio leaf

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Tractatus de charitate; large fragment of a leaf preserved as the binding of a printed book (C. F. Ortrandus, Nachdruck von dem aller nötigsten wie man Priester Prediger und Seelforger der Kirchen, Ingolstadt, David Sartorium, 1575)

From a very early manuscript of William Peraldus’s Tractatus de charitate (part of his larger Summa de virtutibus), certainly written during the author’s lifetime.

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Common of Martyrs; a complete folio leaf

Another leaf from the same manuscript with an historiated initial depicting Christ between two haloed figures in one compartment, and a sheep between two wolves in another compartment, was Quaritch Catlogue 1088, no. 48. For the predominance of an orange and blue palette in medieval Bolognese painting see F. Avril, M. T. Gousset and C. Rabel, Manuscrits enluminés d’origine italienne, 1984, vol. 2 plates C–H; and Alessandro Conti, La miniatura bolognese: scuole e botteghe 1270–1340, 1981, coloured plates.

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