The six Sisters of the Valleys. An historical Romance … With Illustrations drawn by T. H. Nicholson, engraved by C. W. Sheeres …

London: Longman, Green, Longman, Roberts, and Green. 1864.

3 vols., 8vo., with half-titles, frontispieces, and eleven plates; original royal blue bead-grain cloth, blocked in blind and gold; a very good, bright copy.


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First edition of Bramley-Moore’s only book, a violently anti-Catholic historical novel. Set in 1665, The Six Sisters of the Valleys documents the ‘extraordinary cruelties’ inflicted by the ‘demon of popery’ upon the Protestants living in the valleys of Piedmont. This had been the subject of Milton’s celebrated sonnet, ‘On the Late Massacre in Piedmont’. Writing in the year of Newman’s Apologia pro vita sua, ‘the author offers this mite … as a protest against the encroachments of that Church, which, while she totters on the banks of the Tiber, is strengthening her stakes and lengthening her cords on the banks of the Thames’ (Preface). An appendix in each volume explains the factual basis of the story. Wolff 777.

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