A Contribution towards an Investigation of the changes which have taken place in the condition of the people of the United Kingdom during the eight years extending from the harvest of 1839 to the harvest of 1847; and an Attempt to develope [sic] the connexion (if any) between the changes observed during the same period in the prices of the most necessary articles of food …

London, M. & W. Collis, 1848.

8vo, pp. 40; the odd spot; stab-sewn as issued.


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First edition, marked ‘for private circulation’, of a paper read before the Statistical Society on 21 February 1848.

The barrister J. T. Danson (1817–1898), a man of great versatility and varied experience, wrote on many economic questions, among them on English colonial policy, strongly setting forth the need of controlling colonists in their dealings with natives and with unappropriated land. He also assisted Thomas Tooke in the fourth volume of the History of Prices, the help he gave being warmly acknowledged in the Preface to that volume.

Goldsmiths’ 35841; Kress C.7346.

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