deviation of light and rotating planetary bodies

Über eine bei jeder Rotation des Fortpflanzungsmittels eintretende eigenthümliche Ablenkung der Licht- und Schallstrahlen, zunächst angewandt auf mehre theils schon bekannte theils neue Probleme der praktischen Astronomie, ein weiterer Beitrag zur allgemeinen Wellenlehre.

Prag, Borrosch und André, 1844.

4to, pp. 14, with one folding lithographic plate; lower blank margin of title browned; a fine copy; marbled paper spine; preserved in a cloth box.


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extremely rare first edition of doppler’s treatise on ‘a characteristic deviation of the beams of light and sound which occurs upon any rotation of the transporting medium.’

‘Doppler’s scientific fame rests on his enunciation of the Doppler principle, which relates the observed frequency of a wave to the motion of the source or the observer relative to the medium in which the wave is propagated ... The correct elementary formula is derived for motion of source or of observer along the line between them … Doppler mentions the application of this result both to acoustics and to optics, particularly to the coloured appearance of double stars and to the fluctuations of variable stars and novae’ (DSB).

Derived from the calculations published in his famous Ueber das farbige Licht der Doppelsterne, and based on his lecture held at the assembly of the königlich böhmische Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften of June 1842, Doppler here presents a second formula, specifically adapted to the observation of spiral nebulae and nebular spots.

This is the very rare separate issue, reprinted in the society’s proceedings of 1845.

OCLC records two US locations, at the Smithsonian Institution, and Indiana University.


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