Du Scaphandre, et de son emploi a bord des navires … accompagné de 2 planches.

Paris, widow Bouchard-Huzard for Arthus Bertrand, Librairie Maritime et Scientifique, [c. 1861].

8vo, pp. 30, [2], with 2 plates (one folding, one double-page lithograph); an excellent copy, a few minor spots, otherwise very clean; uncut in publishers printed green wrappers with wood-engraving (printed on the verso of the wrapper of Du Temple’s Cours des machines à vapeur).


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Du Scaphandre, et de son emploi a bord des navires … accompagné de 2 planches.

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First and only edition of this work on the diving-suit, with an attractive early depiction of its use. The text addresses the recently patented diving-suit of Joseph-Martin Cabirol, providing a detailed description of the suit and its constituent parts, advice to divers (including what to wear under the suit and a series of signals given by tugging the cord), and arguments for the uses to which the suit could be put – among them repairing damage to ships below sea-level, finding routes for beached boats, and recovering lost anchors.

The illustrations show a diver underwater from both sides, a diagram of the helmet and airpump, and (on the upper wrapper) a pair of divers recovering cannon from the sea-bed.

The author is described as lieutenant de vaisseau and Professor of Steam Engines at the port of Brest; his more substantial work, Cours de machines à vapeur fait à Brest aux mécaniciens de la marine impériale, was published in 1860 in two volumes with a separate atlas, the wrapper of which is here reused.

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