Lithograph portrait of François Quesnay after a portrait by Pierre Roche Vigneron.

c. 1830.

Lithograph measures 10⅞ x 9 inches (27.5 x 23 cm.) on 18¼ x 12½ inch (46.4 x 31.8 cm.) paper; titled F. Quesnay and signed by Engelmann and Vigneron; corners a little discoloured else in very good condition; mounted.


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Lithograph portrait of François Quesnay after a portrait by Pierre Roche Vigneron.

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This portrait of Quesnay in a characteristically pensive pose, wearing a wig and fine clothing, reflects his stature and intellectual reputation. The humbly born Quesnay went on to become surgeon to Louis XV and a renowned economist, famous for being the founding father of the Physiocrats.

Engelmann (1788-1839) introduced lithography to France in 1816 having learnt the technique from its inventor, Alois Senefelder, who patented the process in 1799.

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