The life of Mahomet, founder of the religion of Islam, and of the empire of the Saracens; with notices of the history of Islamism and of Arabia.

London, T. Tegg, 1840.

12mo, pp. xvi, 404, with a frontispiece depicting the Kaaba at Mecca; an excellent, bright copy in the original crimson cloth, gilt edges; spine faded.


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First edition. ‘In the following work, brevity has been as much studied as is consistent with a correct and full exhibition of the subject of a memoir . . . . It is fancied that such a work, within the reach of all, was a desideratum in our literature, felt more than ever now that oriental studies are likely to increase, and events are transpiring making Mahometanism and Arabia subjects of deep interest to western Europeans’ (preface). The author was a Baptist minister.

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