BREVIARY, with neumes, parts of the services for the feasts of St. Maurice and his companions (22 Sept.) and for the feast of Archangel Michael (29 Sept.), with antiphons and response; a small strip from a leaf written in double columns of an upright romanesque hand, dark brown ink, 7 lines, ruled with a hard point, rubrics, early German neumes in campo aperto (written without staves), recovered from a binding, clean and legible. [55 x 281 mm]

Germany, 1st half of 12th century.


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SOLOGUB, Fedor Kuzmich, pseud. [i.e. Fedor Teternikov], translator. VOLTAIRE, François Marie Arouet de.

Roman. Perevod s nemetskago… Fedora Sologuba [Candide, or optimism. A novel. Translated from the German… by Fyodor Sologub].

First edition, very rare, of Sologub’s translation of Candide. A second edition was published in 1919. The leading Symbolist poet, short-story writer, novelist and dramatist, dubbed by Volynsky ‘a kind of Russian Schopenhauer’, was one of the most famous writers of his day. He also translated a great deal of poetry into Russian, particularly Verlaine, as well as works by Oscar Wilde, Balzac, and Maupassant.

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