De rerum natura libri sex.

Paris, Hiérosme de Marnef and Guillaume Cavellat, 1567.

16mo, pp. 264, [8, index]; with engraved printer’s device on title, typographical initials and head- and tail-pieces, shoulder notes and running titles throughout; some occasional faint spotting and light browning, shoulder notes occasionally just shaved by the binder (with loss of a single character at most), two tiny holes in final leaf (not affecting text); late eighteenth- or early nineteenth-century vellum-backed boards; rubbed and bumped, spine label missing; crude sketch of a bust on a pedestal on rear pastedown.


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De rerum natura libri sex.

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Rare pocket edition of Lucretius, a reissue of de Marnef and Cavellat’s similarly rare 1564 edition, with the same collation. The great poem is preceded by Petrus Crinitus’s brief biography of the author.

Provenance: ‘G. Dodd Eton Coll.’ (inscription along lower edges, probably early nineteenth-century); Archibald McNeill, with his presentation inscription: ‘J. Couper Esq.[,] a trifling memento of a few chattings on men & books – as enjoyable as they were – unfortunately – few, during the summer of 1874’, signed ‘ye Special B. M. News’, below which another hand (presumably Couper’s) has written ‘(Arch.d McNeill)’.

Adams L1665; Gordon 202A.

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PIERTZ, Leonhard (Praes.) and Johann Ernst SCHLERETH (Resp.).

De sacramentis in specie, Eucharistia et Poenitentia quaestiones academicae, quas ad majorem Dei gloriam, praeside R.P. Leonardo Piertz, e Soc Jesu, … Defendendans [sic] suscipiet pro secunda baccalaureatus theologici laurea Joannes Ernestus Schlereth… In auditorio theologico…

A good copy of this rare Würzburg dissertation on the sacraments of the Euchasist and Penance, under the Jesuit professor Leonhard Piertz (1662–1741). The dissertation discusses when the Eucharist was instituted, what verbal formulae are necessary for consecration, whether the Eucharistic sacrifice was for the benefit of the living or the dead, and some of the philosophical questions surrounding the real presence; it then turns to Penance, examining its purpose and limits, and the extent to which it can be considered a public good. The printing is notable for the verso of the title-page, with its ornamental surround to the Sickingen arms.

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