Kort Grammatica, eller Underrättelse om forsta Grunderne af Engelska Språket …

Stockholm, Tryckt i Stolpiska Trycheriet … 1783

Small 8vo., pp. [6], 119, 3 [errata]; library stamps and cancellation note; a very good copy in contemporary quarter leather and speckled boards (rubbed), later label.


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Kort Grammatica, eller Underrättelse om forsta Grunderne af Engelska Språket …

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First edition of an English grammar for Swedish students. There is some contemporary annotation in the chapters on pronunciation. Some of the examples are surprisingly colloquial (‘by hook or by crook’, ‘how goes it’, ‘in the nick of time’), some archaic (‘methinks’, ‘peradventure’), and some illustrate different uses of the same word (‘at church’, ‘at that time’, ‘at our cost’). Six columns of errata testify to the compositors’ lack of English.

Carl Gustav Mannercrantz (1721-1794) taught English at Uppsala and Stockholm, and published an annotated anthology of English texts for his students in 1774 (English Miscellanies, from the best and most renowned Authors).

Alston, II, 576 lists five copies, all in Scandinavian libraries, and a photocopy at the British Library; OCLC adds only one new location; not in ESTC.

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