Liberali i Vlasti.

St. Petersburg, Znanie, 1906.

8vo, pp. 48, yellowed throughout due to paperstocks, still a good copy in the original printed paper wrappers, small spot to title.


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First Russian collected edition of this collection of articles from the Neue Rheinische Zeitung, translated from the German by Andrei Radzishevsky, edited and with a foreword by A. Lunacharsky, published as number 272 in the ‘Cheap Library’ series of the ‘Znanie’ press. .

The articles cover a period of intense upheaval, when the newspaper was being published almost daily, sometimes with additional last-minute bulletins. The collection starts with The Assembly at Frankfurt, first published June 1848, which looks at the efficacy of the German National Assembly at Cologne, outlining the themes of discussion. Then follow two separately titled strands of articles focussing on the Camphausen and Hansemann governments. (Including the articles: Questions of life and death, June 4th 1848; Berlin debate on the Revolution June 14, 1848; The Agreement Assembly Session of June 17 June 20, 1848; The Downfall on the Camphausen Government June 23, 1848; Patow’s Comutation Memorandum [Prussia’s Feudal Reforms] June 25, 1848; The Hansemann Government June 24th 1848, The Agreement Debates July 4, 1848)

One-time chairmen of the chambers of commerce at Aachen and Cologne respectively, Camphausen and Hansemann were invited on the strength of this to be part of the Liberal Ministry of Prussia in 1848, in the positions of president and finance minister. Liberal leaders of the Rhenish bourgeoisie and founders of the Neue Rheinische Zeitung, they appointed Marx to his editorship when he was just 24.

MEGA Volume 7, pp. 36, 73, 96, 107, 111, 170.

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