Scenes and adventures in Spain from 1835 to 1840. By Poco Mas.

London, Richard Bentley, 1845.

Two volumes, pp. [iii]–xiii, 390; ix, 391; with a frontispiece in each volume; frontispieces slightly foxed, but a good copy in the original dark green cloth; slightly rubbed, some minor wear and slight fraying to extremities; from the library of Ian Robertson (1928–2020).


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Scenes and adventures in Spain from 1835 to 1840. By Poco Mas.

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First edition; rare. According to the anonymous (and slightly ungenerous) critic in the British Quarterly Review of August and November 1846, this unfairly neglected work is ‘written by a gentleman by the name of Moore, who was, we believe, the correspondent of the Morning Chronicle from 1835 to 1840 in the north of Spain, and with the army of Espartero. His work is, we believe, a most faithful and conscientious transcript of occurrences, and this is its only merit . . . . On the convention of Bergara, and of the events of the 25th of August, 1840, subsequent to the Queen’s journey to Catalonia, his work contains a full and faithful account. He is evidently an amiable, benevolent, and kindly man, and his work is trustworthy’.

Besides a detailed account of various episodes of the First Carlist War, the author describes Zaragoza, Pamplona, Miranda de Ebro, Santander, Burgos, Madrid, the siege of Bilbao, Vitoria, Lérida, and Barcelona, among other places of interest. ‘My journeyings and sojournings were necessarily affected by the state of the country at the time; and it fell to my lot to witness several remarkable events. Skipping from one point to another, as I may recollect incidents offering materials for amusement or information, I will endeavour to depict some of the scenes which were spread out before me during my perambulations among the high-ways and by-ways of Spain’ (vol. I pp. 1–2).

Alberich 1083; Palau 229343.

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