Historia de una mujer. Album de cincuenta cromos.

Barcelona, Juan Aleu y Fugarull, 1880.

Folio (440 x 315mm.); 50 chromolithograph plates, with captions; a very good copy in the original red cloth.


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Historia de una mujer. Album de cincuenta cromos.

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First edition. A chronicle in pictures of the life of a beautiful modern woman, and her adventures and misadventures with men: in front of fashionable Madrid shop-fronts, in her boudoir, on the balcony, on the stage and in the dressing-room, at balls and dinner parties, in a train, the Alps, the 1878 Paris exhibition, the seaside and elsewhere.

Planas was at the height of his career when this volume was commissioned by his disciple Juan Aleu y Fugarull – he commanded exhorbitant prices per sheet, but despite this, and despite the high resulting cost of the work, it needed a second edition within the year.

Palau 228261.

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