Kurtzer und deutlicher Unterricht vom Seidenbau, in drey kleinen Schriften, die Pflanzung und Pflegung der Maulbeerbäume, Wartung der Seidenwürmer, und Haspelung der Seide betreffend, aufrichtig mitgetheilet.

Züllichau, ‘in Verlegung des Waysenhauses, bey Johann Jacob Dendeler’, 1751.

Small 8vo, pp. 56; a fine copy in recent boards.


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First collected edition, originally published as three separate works in 1750 in Berlin, of this series of treatises on sericulture. Divided into three sections, the present edition deals with the planting and cultivation of mulberry trees, the cultivation of silkworms, and the method of spinning silk. Although published anonymously, the second treatise is attributed to ‘J.F.T.’ The three works were originally published at the expense of the King of Prussia and were distributed locally. The present collected edition, authorized by him, was published by the orphanage at Züllichau (Sulechów in present-day Poland) in order to benefit a wider audience.

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