A collection of six autograph letters signed (‘François Simiand’ and ‘F. Simiand’) to his ‘cher ami’ [Alfred Pereire].

Paris, Fontainebleau and unspecified, 1907, 1924, 1925 and undated.

8vo bifolia and single sheets of different sizes; pp. 2 + 2 blank; 4; 4; 2; 2; 2; folds, very good.


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A collection of letters addressed by Simiand to his ‘cher ami’, identifiable from the contents as the bibliographer, historian, and expert on Saint-Simon, Alfred Pereire (1879-1957), giving an insight into their relationship.

In the first letter, Simiand thanks his friend for sending a copy of Jeannine (published in 1900) and sends him a ticket for a play by André Gide. In the second he comments that his friend’s manuscripts and documents are a rich source of unpublished and little known material and notes that work and family life are keeping him busy. The fourth letter, of 1924, contains reference to Pereire’s interest in Saint-Simon, the fifth refers to François Albert of the École normale, and the last to a happy family event in the Pereire family.

A member of the French historical school of economics, Simiand edited the Année Sociologique and held a chair in labour history at the Collège de France. His 1932 work, La salaire, l’évolution sociale et la monnaie, is credited with ‘very considerable significance’ by Schumpeter.

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