Vases, modern and antique, from various examples, proper for metal, stone or wood. Engraved on thirty-nine plates.

London, printed for J. Taylor, at the Architectural Library, [1800].

Small 4to, letterpress general title-page, and four suites of ornamental plates with individual title-pages and together 39 engraved plates (see below); a few plates with light foxing but a very good copy in the gilt lettered original purple cloth, rebacked.


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First edition, very rare, collecting four scarce suites of ornamental pattern books giving vase and urn designs which were originally issued in the 1770s and 1780s. The volume consists of the following suites:

A) Eighteen vases modern and antique. London, published by I. & J. Taylor, [c. 1788]; 12 engraved plates (no. 1-12) with 18 designs.

B) Fourteen vases from the antique. London, printed for I. Taylor at the Bible and Crown in Holborn …, [c. 1773]; 12 engraved plates (no. I-XII) with 14 designs.

C) COLUMBANI, Placido. Vases and tripods on twelve plates. London, published by I. Taylor in Holborn …, [c. 1775]; 12 engraved plates (no. 1-12).

D) A new book of vases published as the law directs January 20 1773 by J. Taylor in Holborn near Chancery Lane, and by Wm Darling engraver in Newport Street, [1773]; 3 plates, without numbering, engraved by William Darling after designs by T. Laws.

Not in ESTC, or COPAC; OCLC shows 3 copies (London Library, Yale. and Redwood), but misdates the collection ‘1773’, obviously wrong as suite A was issued in the late 1780s; dating of the Taylor output is often only possible through imprint information (see Ian Maxted, London book trades 1775-1800, online ). Of the original printings of the individual suites see Berlin Kat. 1027 (A) + 1026 (C); ESTC shows C only, with a copy at the British Library; COPAC lists copies of A and B at the V & A, and C at the National Library of Scotland.

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