Heerlyke en gelukkige reys naer het heylig land en stad van Jerusalem ... in ‘t jaer onzes heeren 1633 ... het eerste deel. 

Antwerp, H. Verdussen, [approbation dated 1645, but c. 1790]. 

[bound with:]

—.  Het wederkeeren of tweede deel van de heerlyke en gelukkige reys naer het heylig land en stad van Jerusalem ... in ‘t jaer onzes heeren 1633 ...  Antwerp, H. Verdussen, [approbation dated 1634 but c. 1790]

Two parts in one vol., 4to, pp. 1: 72, 2: 55, [1]; text in one and two columns, printed in roman, blackletter, and civilité, title to part I with woodcut Jerusalem cross, woodcut of comet to title of part II, one woodcut illustration in the text, woodcut tailpiece at end, woodcut initial, typographic headpieces; title to part I dust-soiled, the odd stain, withal a good copy in recent quarter vellum (re-using manuscript waste) with blue paper sides.


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Heerlyke en gelukkige reys naer het heylig land en stad van Jerusalem ... in ‘t jaer onzes heeren 1633 ... het eerste deel. 

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Rare edition of this popular schoolbook, comprising the account of Jan van der Linden’s journey to Jerusalem in 1633, partly printed in civilité type. 

Prior of the Alexian convent in Antwerp and plague master of the city, van der Linden (d. 1638) travelled with Jacob Pussenius, the father confessor of his convent, through France to Genoa and thence to the Holy Land, where he visited the holy places in and around Jerusalem.  His account, interspersed with prayers and hymns, contains a number of interesting passages relating to Cyprus.  The work, first published in 1634 and reprinted several times, served as a schoolbook to generations of children well into the nineteenth century: the title pages bear the instruction ‘Tot stigtinge en vermaek van de jonkheyd, die geerne wat nieuws leezen.  Leest, begrypt, en onthoud’ (‘For the education and recreation of young people who want to read something new.  Read, understand, and remember’). 

The approbations at the end of each part are dated 1645 and 1634 respectively, however the works doubtless date to the latter part of the eighteenth century; the printer, Hieronymus Jan Verdussen VII, was active between 1762 and 1794. 

This edition appears to be rare outside Belgium and the Netherlands, with only one copy recorded on OCLC, at the Wellcome. 

STCV 7017872 and 12923000; see Le livre populaire 214 and 228; Carter & Vervliet, Civilité Types 460; not in Children’s World of Learning; cf. Röhricht, pp. 250-251; Tobler, p. 101; Tiele, pp. 151-152, and van Heurck, Voyage autour the ma bibliothèque: livres populaires et livres d'ecole flamands (Antwerp, 1927) 107 and 108. 

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