Della importanza e dei pregi del nuovo sistema di finanza dello Stato Pontificio.

[N.p, n.p.,] 1794.

8vo, pp. vii, [1 (blank)], XI, [1 (blank)], 418, [2 (blank)]; occasional foxing, otherwise a very good copy in contemporary quarter sheep over decorative paste-paper sides and paper corners, spine gilt in compartments, one stained black with gilt lettering, edges mottled blue and red, sewn two-up on 4 sunken cords; worn at extremities with chipping and worming to spine.


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Della importanza e dei pregi del nuovo sistema di finanza dello Stato Pontificio.

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Scarce first edition of this important work on the economy of the Papal States, by the philosopher and political economist Paolo Vergani (1753-1820).

Over twenty articles, Vergani examines the flourishing state of the Italian economy since the 13th century, the causes of the decline of Italian industry (ranging from the opening up of shipping routes bypassing Italy, to the discovery and exploitation of the Americas), the measures taken under Pius VI to revive manufacturing, the role of taxation in stabilising manufacturing, and, foremost, the importance of protectionist duties and the dangers of reliance on agriculture for economic health, in direct opposition to the Physiocrats. ‘Vergani treats the subject of customs duties with great breadth, and his book may be regarded as a complete treatise on the subject – its breadth of ideas, wide technical observation and clear expositions, placing him among the first financial theorists of his day’ (Palgrave). A second edition, printed in Rome by Lazzarini, appeared in the same year.

OCLC finds only three copies in North America (Harvard, Northwestern and Chicago) and only the second edition in the UK.

Einaudi 5864; Kress Italian 654.

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