On mathematical concepts of the material world [in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Series A, Vol. 205,].

London, Dulau & Co, 1906.

4to, pp. 465-525, [1]; a fine copy, wholly unmarked, in the original printed wrappers, preserved in glassine.


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On mathematical concepts of the material world [in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Series A, Vol. 205,].

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First edition of one of the earliest of Whitehead’s works, the first attempt to tacke the question of the nature of the material world through the symbolism of formal logic.

‘The importance of this paper is frequently overlooked or underestimated as an antecedent of Whitehead’s later work. […] In the paper Whitehead comes very close to enunciating a possible world view that bears a strong resemblance to the one that finally emerged in Process and Reality (1929). Whitehead wrote “On Mathematical Concepts” in 1905, at a time when he was two years into writing the Principia […] Not surprisingly therefore much of the paper deals with logical formalisms’ (R. A. Ariel).

In the same year, while working on the Principia, Russell also independently published a paper, On denoting. ‘Both Whitehead and Russell, looking back later in life, regarded their respective essays as among the finest pieces of work they had produced (UW 466; LK 39). Both employed their common work in mathematical logic ... as a guide in the formulation of their respective papers. Yet because of the difference in outlook between the two men, one essay becomes a penetrating analysis of common language, while the other becomes a synthesis of possible world views and, indeed, a stepping stone to a cosmology’ (Robert A. Ariel, A Mathematical Root of Whitehead’s Cosmological Thought, ‘Process Studies’, vol. 4, no. 2, 1974, pp. 107-113).

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First edition, the rare first issue. The work is usually found with a cancel title-page on which the titles of the discourses are abridged and mention of the Royal Society is omitted (possibly because only the second tract was so delivered).

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Latinising Galen STEPHANUS.

Stephani Atheniensis philosophi explanationes in Galeni priorem librum therapeuticum ad Glauconem, Augustino Gadaldino Mutinensi interprete ...

First edition of Agostino Gadaldini’s Latin translation of Galen’s medical treatise Ad Glauconem and of Stephanus’ commentary upon it, enhanced with his own scholia. Galen’s Ad Glauconem is a concise introduction to the basics of diagnosis and the treatment of fevers. The work was at the heart of the medical curriculum at Alexandria and the sixth/seventh-century Alexandrian physician Stephanus naturally made it the subject of a commentary (his commentaries on the Prognostics and Aphorisms of Hippocrates also survive).

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