Bankers stopping Payment.

Single sheet, engraved image measuring 340 x 230 mm, very minor surface wear to the lower left hand corner, tiny tear to the lower right, otherwise a crisp clear impression; mounted.


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A country bumpkin sits on a small wooden chair, facing a bank-counter inscribed Small Stock & Co. Three elderly men stand behind it registering gloomy apprehension; one leans on the counter, his hands raised above a cheque: Small Stock & Co. please pay to my charge £50.0.0 S. Simple. He says: I am sorry to inform you we have just stopp’d Payment!! Simple, who clutches a heavy stick, answers with alarmed apprehension: Pray doant stand upon Compliments with I - I have had a long walk, and will sit here till you begin again. Beside him lies a spaniel, its eyes fixed on the bankers. On the counter are ink-stand, Waste Book, and coin-shovel.

‘The small country banks, issuing their own (unbacked) notes, were vigorously attacked in two letters signed ‘A Country Tradesman’ and ‘A Farmer’ in Cobbett’s Pol. Reg., 22 Mar. 1806. There was a great increase in country banks between 1797 and 1810’ (George).

See George, Catalogue of Political and Personal Satires preserved... in the British Museum, Vol.VIII, 10487.

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