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Human Sciences at Quaritch embraces a wide range of books and manuscripts documenting the history of ideas from the earliest times up to about 1960. Our strengths are in the history of economic thought and in philosophy, but we also deal in law; finance and banking (including speculation, actuarial science and insurance); politics and political theory; sociology; psychology; agriculture; education; logic; and the theory of language.

Some notable items which have recently passed through our hands include the only known copy of the Communist Manifesto inscribed by Karl Marx, Rudolf Carnap’s annotated copy of Wittgenstein’s Tractatus (Logisch-philosophische Abhandlung), Joseph Penso de la Vega’s Confusion de Confusiones (1688, the first book to describe the practice of a stock-exchange) and a copy of Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations (4th edition, 1786), inscribed in Smith's own hand to Bonnie Prince Charlie's private secretary.

As well as dealing in individual books and manuscripts, we also offer collections. In recent years we have sold author collections of Friedrich Nietzsche, Bertrand Russell, Thorstein Veblen, Emile Durkheim and Jeremy Bentham. Among subject collections we have offered are the Herwood Library of accounting literature (including Pacioli's Summa de Arithmetica, 1494, the first printed exposition of double-entry book-keeping); the philosophy of language; texts pertaining to the theory and study of language in the West, and the history of probability - the calculus of probabilities, statistics and their applications.

  1. BROWNING, Elizabeth Barrett.

    Poems before Congress …

    London: Chapman and Hall … 1860.

    First edition of a slender collection of seven poems on the cause of Italian independence, and one attacking slavery in the United States (‘A Curse for a Nation’). The Congress of the title had been planned for Paris in January 1860, but Austria withdrew on learning that Napoleon III meant to use...


  2. [BUNBURY, Henry William.] ‘GAMBADO, Geoffrey’.

    Annals of Horsemanship, containing Accounts of accidental Experiments and experimental...

    London, W. Nicholson for W. Baynes, 1808.

    Third edition of Bunbury’s satirical work with humorous etchings. First published in 1791 and often presented as a continuation of Bunbury’s Academy for grown Horsemen (published in 1784 also under the name Gambado), the Annals of Horsemanship is a parody of Arthur Young’s...


  3. BUQUOY, Georg Franz August de Longueval, Freiherr von Vaux, Graf von.

    Anregungen für philosophisch-wissenschaftliche Forschung...

    Leipzig, Breitkopf & Härtel, 1825.

    First edition, rare, of a comprehensive discussion by the author of his personal philosophy, with c. 50 pages of his poetry thrown in at the end for good measure. Samuel Hahnemann refers to the work in Die chronischen Krankheiten (1828–30), calling Buquoy a ‘deep-thinking, many-sided scholar and...


  4. [BURDETT.] COBBETT, William.

    Cobbett’s remarks on Sir F. Burdett’s Letter to his constituents …. Taken from the Weekly political...

    London, T. Broom, [1810.]

    First separate edition. Cobbett's Political Register of 24 March 1810 reprinted The Address of Sir Francis Burdett to his Constituents and prefaced it with a robust defence of Burdett. Here Cobbett's defence appears along with the warrant for Burdett's arrest and his letter challenging...


  5. [BURDETT, Sir Francis.]

    Parliamentary reform. A Full and accurate report of the proceedings at the meeting held at the Crown...

    London, J. H. Hart, 1809.

    First edition, the report of the famous Reform Dinner of 1809. Others on the committee of the ‘Friends of Reform’ included Thomas Brand, Capel Lofft, John Cartwright, and William Frend; 1200 tickets were issued, and were being touted for 5 guineas. A well-known satirical engraving of the event...


  6. BURDETT, Sir Francis.

    Speech … at the Crown and Anchor tavern, July 31, 1810, on the occasion of dining with his constituents,...

    London, W. Burton for J. Barker, 1810.

    First edition. ‘I consider this as one of the proudest and happiest moments of my life …’


  7. [BURDETT, Sir Francis - Trial of.]

    The Trial of Sir Francis Burdett, Bart., at Leicester, on Thursday, March 23d,...

    London, William Hone, 1820.

    First edition of Burdett’s trial for seditious libel after the publication of his Letter to the Electors of Westminster. In response to the Peterloo Massacre of August 1819, Sir Francis Burdett had published a letter calling on the electors of Westminster to ‘join the general voice’...


  8. [BURDETT, Sir Francis.]

    Sentence on Sir F. Burdett, in the court of the King’s Bench, on Thursday, Feb. 8, 1821.

    [London? 1821]

    Very rare broadside printing the speeches of James Scarlett (for the prosecution) and Thomas Denman (for the defence) at the sentencing of Burdett after his conviction for seditious libel in 1820-1.


  9. BURDETT, Sir Francis.

    The Address of Sir Francis Burdett to his constituents, in a letter, dated March 23, denying the power of...

    London, T. Broom, [1810].

    First edition(?) in book form, written in response to the arrest of the radical John Gale Jones for breach of privilege after he had challenged the exclusion of ‘strangers’ (i.e. the public) from the Commons debates about the disastrous Walcheren expedition.


  10. BURLAMAQUI, Jean Jacques.

    Principes du droit naturel.

    Geneva, Barrillot & fils, 1747.

    First edition of the first work, bound with a very early edition of the second work. The Droit politique was first published posthumously in 1751 as the necessary companion to the Droit naturel; when in contemporary bindings, they are sometimes found together in various combinations...


  11. BURNETT, Gilbert.

    The Life and Death of Sir Matthew Hale, Kt. Sometime Lord Chief Justice of His Majesties Court of King’s Bench.

    London, Shrowsbury, 1682.

    Second edition, first published 1681, one of two variant issues. Gilbert Burnett (1643–1715), or Burnet, later Bishop Burnet, was an extremely prolific author who took time from his ongoing History of the Reformation (first appearance 1679) to write this Life of the famous jurist of the...


  12. [BYRON.]

    The trial of William Lord Byron, Baron Byron of Rochdale, for the murder of William Chaworth, Esq; before the right honourable...

    London, Samuel Billingsley, 1765.

    Only edition of this comprehensive account of the murder trial of William Lord Byron, great uncle of the poet, in front of the House of Lords. Byron was accused (the facts of the matter were in little doubt) of the murder in a duel of his cousin, William Chaworth, in a dispute over the number...


  13. CAGNAZZI, Luca de Samuele.

    Analisi dell’ economia privata e pubblica degli antichi relativamente a quella de’ moderni …

    Naples, Società filomatica, 1830.

    First edition. Cagnazzi (1764–1852) was originally a teacher of mathematics by profession, receiving a professorship at Naples in 1806. ‘His life was full of trouble; having been concerned in political intrigues, he had to flee from Naples and, after wandering, nearly always on foot, through Italy...


  14. CALVERT, William John.

    The demand for labour is wealth … Supplement to monopoly and taxation vindicated against the errors of...

    Newark, M. Hage and London, Longman … 1822.

    Very rare first edition of Calvert’s supplement to his own work, Monopoly and taxation vindicated etc., published in 1821. Calvert wrote anonymously in the name of ‘a Nottinghamshire farmer’, but here uses his name. The supplement argues that Britain’s wealth and military success against France...


  15. [CAMPOMANES, Pedro Rodriguez, Conde de].

    Discurso sobre el Fomento de la Industria popular. De orden de S. M. [Carlos III] y del...

    Madrid, D. Antonio de Sancha, 1774.

    First edition; preceding the complementary Discurso sobre la educación popular de los artesanos y su fomenta (1775); Dutch and Italian editions appeared in 1780 and 1787. Campomanes (1723–1802) was, according to McCulloch, ‘one of the most intelligent and distinguished Spanish statesmen of [the...


  16. CAMPOMANES, Pedro Rodriguez (Antonio Conca y Alcaraz, translator).

    Trattato della regalia d’ammortizzazione, nel quale si dimostra,...

    Parma, Filippo Carmignani, 1767.

    First Italian translation of this influential treatise on the property rights of the Church and the state in Spain by the Spanish philosopher, economist, and historian Pedro Rodríguez de Campomanes (1723-1803).


  17. CARAVADOSSI, Enrico.

    La moderna filosofia convinta d’inganno nelle sue promesse di felicità libertà ed uguaglianza ragionamenti...

    Turin, Giammichele Brioio, 1793.

    First and seemingly only edition of this attack on the false promises of the philosophes, by the Torinese Dominican friar Enrico Caravadossi.


  18. CARD, Henry.

    Literary Recreations …

    London: Printed by W. Wilson … for Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme … 1809.

    First edition of a scarce collection of miscellaneous essays on such topics as ‘the Condition and Character of Women in different Countries and Ages’ (pp. 51-118), the ‘Rapid Growth of Methodism’ (pp. 131-187), and ‘Bastards’ (pp. 199-227).



    Les sarrazins chassez de France. Poëme heroïque ...

    Paris, chez Claude Barbin, 1667.

    Rare first edition of this poetic account of the expulsion of the Saracens from France by Childebrand I (c. 678 – 751), written by Jacques Carel de Sainte Garde (1620 – 1684), almoner and counsellor to Louis XIV. Prefaced by a short treatise on versification in heroic poetry, the poem runs...


  20. CAREY, Henry Charles.

    Principles of social science.

    Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott, 1858-1860.

    First edition, a very attractive copy, of Carey’s principal work. ‘His treatment of social science was original, and led him to a series of supposed discoveries, the order of which he has stated in the introduction of his most important work The Principles of Social Science. His point of departure...