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Human Sciences at Quaritch embraces a wide range of books and manuscripts documenting the history of ideas from the earliest times up to about 1960. Our strengths are in the history of economic thought and in philosophy, but we also deal in law; finance and banking (including speculation, actuarial science and insurance); politics and political theory; sociology; psychology; agriculture; education; logic; and the theory of language.

Some notable items which have recently passed through our hands include the only known copy of the Communist Manifesto inscribed by Karl Marx, Rudolf Carnap’s annotated copy of Wittgenstein’s Tractatus (Logisch-philosophische Abhandlung), Joseph Penso de la Vega’s Confusion de Confusiones (1688, the first book to describe the practice of a stock-exchange) and a copy of Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations (4th edition, 1786), inscribed in Smith's own hand to Bonnie Prince Charlie's private secretary.

As well as dealing in individual books and manuscripts, we also offer collections. In recent years we have sold author collections of Friedrich Nietzsche, Bertrand Russell, Thorstein Veblen, Emile Durkheim and Jeremy Bentham. Among subject collections we have offered are the Herwood Library of accounting literature (including Pacioli's Summa de Arithmetica, 1494, the first printed exposition of double-entry book-keeping); the philosophy of language; texts pertaining to the theory and study of language in the West, and the history of probability - the calculus of probabilities, statistics and their applications.

  1. ESTE, Rinaldo d’.

    Memoires de monsieur le cardinal Reynard d’Este, protecteur & directeur des affaires de France en cour de...

    Cologne, Henry Demen, 1677.

    Rare first edition of this memoir of the career of the influential Italian cardinal Rinaldo d’Este (1618-1673), compiled by one of his entourage who served with him for 16 years. Born in Modena, son of duke Alfonso III, Este was brought up in France, entered the church, and rose quickly. Elected cardinal...


  2. [FERGUSON, Adam].

    Reflections previous to the establishment of a militia.

    London, R. & J. Dodsley, 1756.

    First edition of this argument in favour of the establishment of a British national militia. Canvassing support in the run-up to the 1757 Militia Act, Pitt proposed militia reform for Britain (i.e. including Scotland) rather than England alone. The Scot Adam Ferguson, one of the most militant of social...


  3. FINER, Hermann.

    The Theory and Practice of Modern Government ... Vol. I [– II].

    London, Methuen, 1932.

    First British edition, published simultaneously with the first New York edition. This classic work of modern political science, chiefly concerned with constitutional and political practice in the United States, Britain, Germany, and France, is characterized by the treatment of ‘varieties of forms of...


  4. GALIANI, Ferdinando, Abbé.

    Correspondance inédite de l’Abbé Ferdinand Galiani, conseiller du roi de Naples... Édition imprimée...

    Paris, Treuttel and Würtz, 1818.

    First edition, edited by Barbier, containing correspondence with Diderot, Grimm, Holbach, Morellet, and others.


  5. GALLONIO, Antonio.

    Trattato de gli instrumenti di martirio e delle varie maniere di martoriare usate da’ gentili contro Christiani,...

    Rome, Donangeli, 1591.

    First edition of this very vividly illustrated catalogue of instruments of martyrdom staging the torments suffered by Christian martyrs throughout history, published by the Jesuit Antonio Gallonio. On p. 136 a curious observation associates contemporary English Catholic martyrs ‘killed in our days...


  6. GANF, Iulii Abramovich, and P. PISKUNOV, editor.

    Да здравствует конституция страны социализма!...

    Moscow, Gosudarstvennoe izdatel’stvo izobrazitel’nogo iskusstva, 1953.

    Typically Soviet poster illustrated by graphic artist Iuli Ganf, whose satirical work was published in magazines and newspapers such as Krokodil.


  7. GEORGE, Henry.

    Izbrannyia rechi i stat’i … Perevod s Angliiskago S. D. Nikolaeva. [Collected lectures and essays … Translated...

    Moscow, ‘Posrednik’, 1905.

    First edition, very rare: Russian translations of 11 lectures and essays, published by the ‘Posrednik’ publishing house founded by Tolstoy, who was a vocal supporter of George and saw Russia as the natural home for his philosophy on the land question.


  8. GOURAUD, Charles.

    Socialism Unmasked: a plain lecture. From the French of Charles Gourard [sic].

    London, George Slater, 1850.

    First edition in English of Le socialisme dévoilé (1849), translated and published in London as ‘it must not be forgotten, that at the present moment several of the most able, and therefore most dangerous, apostles of this pernicious doctrine are fugitives in England; and it is, moreover, well known...


  9. GREEN, Thomas Hill.

    Lectures on the principles of political obligation ... with preface by Bernard Bosanquet.

    London and New York, Longmans, Green, and Co., 1895.

    First edition in this form of Green’s lectures, from the library of the social theorist and economist John Atkinson Hobson. Based on lectures given by Green at Oxford in 1879, the text is here reprinted from his Philosophical Works, with the addition of a preface and brief supplement by his student...


  10. GRIMKE, Frederick.

    Considerations upon the nature and tendency of free institutions.

    Cincinnati, H. W. Derby & Co., 1884.

    First edition, scarce in commerce, of this ‘significant contribution to American thought’ written by a Supreme Court judge who advocated the ‘popular election of judges for specific terms’ (Supreme Court of Ohio biographies online, ‘Grimke’). Grimke (1791-1862) studied at Yale and Carolina,...


  11. HAREL, Charles.

    Ménage sociétaire ou Moyen d’augmenter son Bien-être en diminuant sa dépense, avec indication de quelques...

    Paris, Bureau de la Phalange, à la librairie Sociale, 1839.

    1. First edition of this work by the entrepreneur and inventor Charles Harel (1771-1852), a friend and disciple of Charles Fourier’s. This plan describes Harel’s project for the founding of a community of 200 celibates: a utopia of communal life detailing rules (‘love’, ‘the library’…)...


  12. HERBERT, A.P.

    ‘Full Enjoyment’ and other verses.

    London, Methuen & Co. Ltd, 1952.

    First edition of this collection of assorted verses from the satirical master, Sir Alan Patrick Herbert. A long-time occupant of parliamentary circles, Herbert was an ardent supporter of legal reform, most notably of laws on divorce and obscenity.
     The Times (14 August 1945) noted ‘his individual...


  13. HITLER, Adolf and Joseph GOEBBELS.

    Berlin, Liebheit & Thiesen, [1933].

    First edition of this collection of seven speeches by Hitler, delivered between the 21st March and the 6th July 1933, together with a proclamation by the government of the Reich to the German people on 1 February 1933, and a speech by President von Hindenburg at the opening of the Reichstag on the 21st...


  14. HOBHOUSE, Leonard Trelawny.

    The labour movement.

    London, T. Fisher Unwin, 1893.

    First edition of Hobhouse’s first book. ‘From the late 1880s Hobhouse had developed a keen interest in trade union affairs. He supported the cause of the dock strike in 1889, and came into contact with labour leaders such as Tom Mann and Ben Tillett. He also visited Toynbee Hall, and exchanged views...


  15. [HO CHI MINH].

    Le Procès de la Colonisation française – première série [all published] – Mœurs coloniales.

    Paris, Librairie du travail, [1926].

    First edition, very rare, of a strident attack on French colonial policy, not just in Indochina but also in Madagascar, Cameroon, Algeria etc, by the future President and Prime Minister of North Vietnam. He strikes out at taxation, governance, ‘les civilisateurs’, corruption, exploitation, undereducation...



    Unpolitische Lieder.

    Hamburg, Hoffmann and Campe, 1840–1.

    First edition of each work. Hoffmann (1784–1874), self-ennobled ‘von Fallersleben’, was first librarian (1823) and then professor of German language and literature (1830) at the University of Breslau, before his dismissal in 1842 due to the politically sensitive content of the supposedly Unpolitischen...


  17. [HOLBERG, Ludvig, Baron].

    Nicolai Klimii Iter Subterraneum novam telluris theoriam...

    Copenhagen and Leipzig, Jacob Preuss, 1741.

    First edition of a classic utopian novel, the archetypal journey to the centre of the Earth.


  18. [HUME, David],

    John Maynard KEYNES and Piero SRAFFA (editors). An abstract of A Treatise on Human Nature, 1740: a pamphlet hitherto...

    Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1938.

    First edition thus of the only publication Keynes and Sraffa signed together, a facsimile reprint of the extremely rare Abstract, with an introduction containing decisive proofs for its attribution to Hume rather than to Adam Smith, then the prevailing assumption. An essentially philological study, the...


  19. [ITALY.

    LAW]. Codice dei delitti e delle gravi trasgressioni politiche per Regno Lombardo-Veneto.

    Milan, Cesarea Regia Stamperia, 1815.

    First edition, rare, of an important primary source for the legal history of pre-Unification Italy, and post-Napoleon Restoration Europe: the penal code adopted for Lombardo-Veneto by the Austrian Empire. The second section contains the terms of the Austrian code, from 1815 extended to Northern Italy:...


  20. KANT, Immanuel.

    Kritika chistago razuma.

    St. Petersburg, M.V. Popov, 1902.

    Third Russian edition of Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason, first published in German in 1781, and in Russian in 1867, in the translation by N. Sokolov which had first appeared in 1897.