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Fine photographs and photobooks with an emphasis on the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. We stock images by recognised masters such as Hill & Adamson, Roger Fenton or Julia Margaret Cameron as well as more eclectic examples illustrating the range of formats and processes used in the early years of the medium. This might include fine daguerreotypes, complete photograph albums, carbon or platinum prints by known or amateur photographers.

We are also interested in the work of early travel photographers, particularly those in the Middle and Far East. From later periods we hold work by British photographers specialising in fine art and documentary photography including Alvin Langdon Coburn, J. Dudley Johnston, Bill Brandt and Raymond Moore. We represent Roger Mayne's estate and Mike Seaborne.

  1. MICHALS, Duane.

    Eros & Thanatos.

    Santa Fe, NM, Twin Palms, 1992.

    First edition, not the limited issue but signed by Michals on the title-page.


  2. MÜLLER-POHLE, Andreas.


    Göttingen, European Photography, 1983.

    First edition, scarce – high-key motion-blurred semi-abstracts.



    Reichstagung in Nürnberg 1934.

    Berlin, Vaterlaendischer Verlag C. A. Weller, 1934.

    First edition. A handsome substantially photographic tribute to the 1934 Nazi party rally at Nuremberg, aiming to display the physical and military strength of the new Germany both to the German nation and the rest of the world. The numerous images cover all aspects of the rally, including images of...


  4. NEUHAUSS, Dr. Richard.

    Microphotographs of snow crystals and ice structures,

    1892 –93.

    Dr. Richard Neuhauss (1855 –1915) was an anthropologist and doctor of tropical medicine, who took a world tour in 1884. He had a broad interest in scientific photography, which he used for academic purposes, and in 1894, alongside his professional work, he became the director and editor of the Photography...


  5. OLAF, Erwin.

    Mind of their own.

    Amsterdam, Focus Publishing, 1995.

    First edition: disturbing, brightly-coloured portraits of the mentally-handicapped, by a photographer now best known for his stylised cinematic portraits.


  6. PALMA, Luis Gonzalez.

    Luiz Gonzalez Palma.

    Buenos Aires, La Azotea, 1993.

    First edition, signed by Palma on the title-page. The Guatemalan photographer’s first monograph, a collection of his distinctive symbolist portraits – native Mayans or mestizos in mystical costumes, often with collages of text or paper overlays.


  7. PALMA, Luis Gonzalez.

    The Silence of the Gaze.

    Verona, Peliti Associati, 1998.

    First English edition of Il Silencio dei Maya (1998), signed by Palma on the title-page.


  8. PARR, Martin.

    Small World.

    Stockport, Dewi Lewis, 1995.

    First edition, inscribed on the title-page ‘For Ellen [van de Graaf]. Best Wishes. Martin Parr. 1996.’ Ellen van de Graaf was director of the agency ABC Press in Amsterdam until its closure in 2003.


  9. PARR, Martin.

    La tendre Albion.

    London, Phaidon, 2000.

    First French edition of Think of England, signed on the title-page by Parr.


  10. PENN, Christopher.

    The Nicholas Brothers & A. T. W. Penn: photographers of South India 1855 – 1885. With a foreword by John Falconer.

    London, Bernard Quaritch Ltd, 2014.

    An examination of the successful studios established by John and James Perratt Nicholas and Albert Penn in Madras and Ootacamund. The majority of the photographs are published here for the first time. Also includes a copy of the scarce Nicholas & Co. 1881 catalogue listing over 450 subjects.


  11. PFAHL, John.

    A Distanced Land.

    Albuquerque, NM, Albright-Knox Gallery / University of New Mexico, 1990.

    First edition: a comprehensive retrospective of Pfahl’s conceptual landscapes, comprising nine series 1974-1989, his theme the intersection of man and nature. With a chronology and bibliography.