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We stock Western books in European languages, generally – but not exclusively – published before circa 1850. We are especially interested in early travel accounts – from the late fifteenth to the eighteenth centuries – in all areas beyond Europe.

Geographical regions in which we have tended to specialise include the Pacific and its surrounding countries – South America, the Northwest Coast of America, Japan, China, the maritime regions of Asia, including the Philippines and Indonesia, and Australia. Books on Africa, the polar regions, manuscripts and separately published maps are also handled.
  1. CLARKE, Edward.

    Letters concerning the Spanish nation: written at Madrid during the years 1760 and 1761.

    London, T. Becket and P. A. De Hondt, 1763.

    First edition. A description of Spain by the chaplain to the earl of Bristol’s embassy to Madrid. It ‘abounds with detailed observation’ (Oxford DNB).


  2. [COLLIN, E., engraver.]

    Tableaux itinéraires des distances de Paris aux principales villes de France et à toutes les capitales...

    Paris, Pelicier (and others), 1821.

    First edition of this collection of tables giving distances from Paris to all the major towns of France and the capitals of Europe. Table no. 15 details various routes from Paris to Madrid, and table no. 15 gives routes from Madrid to the principal maritime towns of Spain and Portugal.


  3. [COLLIN, E., engraver.]

    Carte des royaumes d’Espagne et de Portugal ou l’on a marqué les routes de poste. Dressée d’après...

    Paris, Eymery (and others), 1823.

    An updated version of a map which seems to have been published first in 1808, and then again in 1813, in both instances with the additional wording in the title ‘pour servir à l’intelligence des operations militaires’. There are inset plans of Cádiz and Gibraltar.


  4. [COLUMBUS.] QUARITCH, Bernard, and Michael KERNEY.

    The Spanish Letter of Columbus . . . A facsimile of the original edition published...

    [London], Quaritch, 2006.

    Over the centuries, booksellers have contributed much to the elucidation and sometimes to the falsification of historical documents. The story of the first printed account of the New World, usually known as Christopher Columbus’s Letter to Santángel or simply the Columbus Letter, illustrates both themes.



    ‘Recueil des Pieces’.

    France, 1744-1749.

    An extraordinary sammelband of 75 pamphlets – 27 of which are recorded in only 3 or fewer libraries on OCLC – mostly relating to successful French exploits throughout Europe during the War of the Austrian Succession, including the Dutch and Italian campaigns and the conclusion of the war.


  6. DALI, Salvador.

    Alpes: French Railways.

    France, Draeger for SNCF, 1970.

    A gorgeous and colourful surrealist design of delicate butterflies fluttering against a rugged Alpine backdrop, one of six designs commissioned from Dali by SNCF, French national railways, to promote travel into the Alpine region.


  7. DALI, Salvador.

    Normandie. French Railways.

    France, Draeger for SNCF, 1970.

    Mont Saint-Michel meets stone circles, butterflies and surrealist heads in this promotional SNCF poster for train travel in Normandy.


  8. DALI, Salvador.

    Roussillon. French Railways.

    France, Draeger for SNCF, 1970.

    Further butterfly-interspersed surrealism for SNCF, this time for the Roussillon
    region, featuring a stylised cross of Languedoc above a beach scene against a
    mountainous backdrop


  9. DALI, Salvador.

    Alsace. French Railways.

    France, Draeger for SNCF, 1970.

    A striking monochrome image of the Temple Saint-Étienne, also known as the Cathedral of Mulhouse, against a murky sky. A vast butterfly blends into the foreground.


  10. [DENSON, R.].

    A new Travellers Companion through de [sic] Netherlands containing, a bref Account of all what is worth to be taken...

    At the Hague, Printed for Henry Scheurleer, F. Z. upon the Plain. 1754

    First edition. The author, intending to spend the rest of his days in the United Provinces and at a loss for want of an exact description of each town and a guide to show how to travel from one to another, took delight in seeking out this information and in writing these sheets for the use of his countrymen....


  11. DILLON, John Talbot.

    Travels through Spain, with a view to illustrate the natural history and physical geography of that kingdom,...

    London, G. Robinson, 1780.

    First edition; a very pleasing copy of ‘one of the most complete pictures of Spain then available to the British reading public’ (Oxford DNB).


  12. DOBLADO, Leucadio, pseud. [i.e. Joseph Blanco WHITE].

    Letters from Spain . . . Second edition. Revised and corrected by the author.

    London, Henry Colburn, 1825.

    First published in 1822. Joseph Blanco White (1775–1841), born José María Blanco y Crespo in Seville, was educated for the Roman Catholic priesthood, but the French advance on Seville in January 1810, combined with his own religious doubts, prompted him to leave Spain for England. In London he founded...


  13. DUNDAS MURRAY, Robert.

    The cities and wilds of Andalucia . . . Second edition.

    London, Richard Bentley, 1850.

    First published the previous year. ‘Dundas Murray’s descriptions of his excursions are agreeably written and replete with incident. His most extended tour took him to Tiotinto, thence in a wide sweep through Cazalla to Córdoba and Jaén before continuing through Baeza, Lucena, and Granada, to Málaga....


  14. DU TEMPLE, Louis.

    Du Scaphandre, et de son emploi a bord des navires … accompagné de 2 planches.

    Paris, widow Bouchard-Huzard for Arthus Bertrand, Librairie Maritime et Scientifique, [c. 1861].

    First and only edition of this work on the diving-suit, with an attractive early depiction of its use. The text addresses the recently patented diving-suit of Joseph-Martin Cabirol, providing a detailed description of the suit and its constituent parts, advice to divers (including what to wear...


  15. [ELIOT, Edward Granville, third earl of St. Germans.]

    Papers relating to Lord Eliot’s mission to Spain in the spring of 1835.

    London, [Bickers & Son for the author,] 1871.

    First edition; scarce. Eliot (1798–1877) ‘had been appointed secretary of legation in Madrid in 1823, and in Lisbon in 1824. In 1834 he was sent to Spain as envoy-extraordinary. The Carlist War was then raging, and Eliot concluded an agreement with the two belligerent forces, by which prisoners...


  16. ESPINALT Y GARCÍA, Bernardo.

    Guia general de postas y travesias de España, para este presente año de 1804: con un mapa arreglado...

    Madrid, Imprenta Real, [1804].

    Rare updated 1804 edition of this Spanish road-book, apparently first published in 1784. The attractive engraved folding map of the post roads of Spain incorporates a vignette depicting a carriage and post horses outside an inn.


  17. FANSHAWE, Sir Richard.

    Original letters of his excellency Sir Richard Fanshaw, during his embassies in Spain and Portugal: which,...

    London, Abel Roper, 1701.

    First edition. The diplomat and translator Sir Richard Fanshawe (1608–1666) first visited Spain as a student in 1633. On his return to London he was appointed secretary to the new ambassador to Spain, Walter Aston, and travelled to Madrid with his embassy in 1635. Fanshawe was in Spain again in 1638...


  18. FISCHER, Christian August.

    Travels in Spain in 1797 and 1798 . . . With an appendix on the method of travelling in that country....

    London, A. Strahan for T. N. Longman and O. Rees, 1802.

    First edition in English of Fischer’s lively and entertaining travel account; the translator is unknown. The German original, Reise von Amsterdam über Madrid und Cadiz nach Genua in den Jahren 1797 und 1798, had appeared in 1799.


  19. FISCHER, Christian August (Carl Friedrich CRAMER, translator).

    Voyage en Espagne, aux années 1797 et 1798; faisant suite au Voyage...

    Paris, Duchesne and Leriche, 1801.

    First edition in French of Fischer’s lively and entertaining travel account; scarce. The German original, Reise von Amsterdam über Madrid und Cadiz nach Genua in den Jahren 1797 und 1798, had appeared in 1799.


  20. FLEMING, Peter.

    Brazilian Adventure.

    London: Queen Anne Press, 2010.

    First edition thus, no. 120 of 150 copies. 'In April 1932 Fleming answered an advertisement in the agony column of The Times, which led him to take part in a crack-brained and amateurish expedition to the hinterland of Brazil, ostensibly to look for Colonel P.H. Fawcett, a missing explorer....