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  1. PEETERS, Jacob.

    L’Atlas en abregé, ou nouvelle Description du monde, tirée du meilleurs auteurs de ce siècle …

    Antwerp, chez l’auteur, 1692.

    First edition of a charming atlas, the best-known production of Jacob Peeters (1637–1695), a Flemish engraver and publisher from an artistic family – his brothers Jan and Bonaventura were both artists. The map of the Americas shows California as an island; the allegorical engraved title features...


  2. SPON, Jacob.

    Voyage d’Italie, de Dalmatie, de Grece, et du Levant, fait aux années 1675 et 1676 par Jacob Spon docteur medecin...

    Lyons, Antoine Cellier, 1678.

    Very rare first edition of ‘one of the most important accounts of travels in the Levant, and the first description of Athens which was systematic, detailed, and trustworthy’ (Blackmer).


  3. SIMONETTA, Bonifacio.

    De Christiane Fidei et Romanorum Pontificum Persecutionibus.

    (Colophon:) Basel, Nicolaus Kesler, 1509.

    A beautiful copy of the second edition of Simonetta’s principal work, from the library of Christian VI (1699–1746), King of Denmark and Norway, and containing an early yet intriguing reference to the New World.


  4. [QUESNAY, François].

    DU PONT DE NEMOURS, Pierre Samuel, editor. Physiocratie, ou constitution naturelle du gouvernement le plus...

    First edition of the ‘Bible’ of the Physiocrats and one of the most important and original works on political economy to be published before the Wealth of Nations. The excessively rare ‘Pékin’ imprint was printed in very small numbers and swiftly withdrawn because of a statement on page 104...


  5. [ROUSSEAU, Pierre.] 

    Considérations sur le théatre de l’opéra.  Novembre 1822. 

    [Paris,] de l’imprimerie de Rignoux, [1822].

    Very rare proposal for a new opera house in Paris by the architect Pierre Rousseau (1751–1829), annotated by the author and accompanied by an autograph letter. 


  6. ROUSSEAU, Jean-Jacques. 

    Du contract social; ou Principes du droit politique ... 

    Milan, François Pogliani, 1796. 

    Rare first edition printed in Italy of Rousseau’s Contrat social. 


  7. H.M.S. COMUS and H.M.S. TOURMALINE. [HELBY, Harold Wildey Hasler.]   

    Log Book.  Hong Kong, Singapore, Palau, Yokohama,...

    Dec 1881–Feb 1884. 

    A characterful log book charting the voyage of Royal Navy steamer H.M.S. Comus, beginning with its berth in Hong Kong and following its course around the Pacific, before its passage home across the Atlantic. It records the technicalities of cruising by steam; the significant international...



    Thèse de chirurgie, sur l’opération de l’empyeme, dédiée à messieurs les capitouls. Soutenue sous la présidence...

    Toulouse, de l’imprimerie de la veuve de J.F. Desclassan, [1780].

    Very rare thesis on empyema thoracis (infection of the pleural cavity) by Dr Fraissines, first surgeon at Saint-Eloi hospital in Montpellier and a member of the city’s Société Royale des Sciences. Identified by Hippocrates, pleural infection remains a severe disease with a significant mortality...



    Carnaval 1929.

    Paris, Festa, 1929.

    Fancy dress French style, a showcase of products available wholesale for the 1929 Carnival, from a costume merchant.


  10. VERLAINE, Paul, and Léon LEBÈGUE (illustrator).

    Fêtes gallantes.

    Paris, F. Ferroud for the Librairie des Amateurs, 30 July 1913.

    Limited edition on vélin teinté d’Arches, numbered 430 of 500 copies, with etchings by Lebègue. First published in 1869, Verlaine’s Fêtes gallantes are here exquisitely printed and illustrated by Léon Lebègue (1863 – 1944) and finely bound by Flammarion.


  11. WEBER, Max.

    Wirtschaftsgeschichte … Abriss der universalen Sozial- und Wirtschafts-geschichte. Aus den nachgelassenen Vorlesungen...

    Munich and Leipzig, Duncker & Humblot, 1923.

    First edition of this posthumous compilation of lectures.



    Archive of photographs, printed material, student manuscripts relating to Crofton Grange School.


    A charming archive from the Crofton Grange girls’ boarding school, including over 3,600 leaves of poetry, short stories, and artwork produced by the students between 1930-1955, a poignant insight into a community – and a nation – irrevocably altered by war.


  13. BROWN, Arthur Henry.

    Autograph manuscript notebook mainly of Christmas carols.

    [Brentwood?, 1864–87].

    An autograph manuscript notebook composed primarily of Christmas carols, compiled carefully over some twenty-five years from various sources including manuscripts in the British Museum, early printed books, and contemporary books and periodicals.


  14. HERNÁNDEZ, Miguel.

    Viento del pueblo. Poesia en la guerra.

    Valencia, Ediciones ‘Socorro Rojo’, 1937.

    First edition of a scarce collection of Civil War poems by the ‘soldier-poet’ Miguel Hernández; from the library of Stephen Spender, who met Hernández in Madrid in the summer of 1937 and would champion and translate his work.


  15. [MAGRATH, Cornelius.]

    ‘Ein Irländer Riss …’

    Nuremberg, 1756.

    A delightful promotional image for the Continental tour of ‘The Irish Giant’ Cornelius Magrath (1736/7–1760), ‘To be seen in Nuremberg in the month of July 1756’.


  16. NIEUHOF, Jean, and Jean LE CARPENTIER (translator). 

    L’ambassade de la compagnie orientale des provinces unies...

    Leiden, Jacob de Meurs, 1665. 

    Lavishly illustrated first French edition of Nieuhof’s travels through China from 1655 to 1657. 



    ‘Journal of a trip to Holland July 1825’.

    The Netherlands and Belgium, 1825.

    An entertaining and informative diary of a holiday in the Netherlands and Belgium by an anonymous Englishman, recording his adventures in Rotterdam, Delft, The Hague, Leiden, Haarlem, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Brussels, Waterloo, Ghent, and Bruges.


  18. BRADLEY Gertrude M., illustrator.

    An archive of drawings for Just Forty Winks.

    [c. 1897].

    Fifty-eight delightful preliminary pencil sketches by the illustrator Gertrude M. Bradley for Just Forty Winks, Hendry’s tale for children, offered with a copy of the first and only edition, rare in the dustjacket.


  19. CAMPBELL, Duncan. 

    A Poem upon Tea.  Wherein its Antiquity, its several Virtues and Influences are set forth; and the Wisdom...

    London, Mrs. Dodd, J. Roberts, J. Wilcox et al., 1735. 

    First and only edition, very scarce, of a series of poetical sketches in praise of tea over alcohol, dedicated ‘To the Fair Sex’ and with an unusual double preface to the masculine and then the feminine reader.  Tea had arrived in Britain in the 1650s, but its expense made it very exclusive;...


  20. AVGERINOS, Hypatios.

    Πονηµατα δραµατικα. [Ponemata dramatika.]

    Trieste, Austrian Lloyd, 1849.

    Very rare first edition of Avgerinos’ dramas of Greek Romanticism, three pieces uniting sentiments of nationalism, liberty, and philhellenism with aesthetic and literary reflections on the style and scope of dramatic poetry.