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  1. LEWIS, Wyndham.

    Rude Assignment. A Narrative of my Career up-to-date … Illustrated with works by the Author.

    London, Hutchinson & Co., [1950].

    First edition, first impression, ‘one of the most readable of his later works ... also one of the most illuminating’ (Bridson, Filibuster). Written throughout the late ’40s, and originally titled The Politics of Intellect, Rude Assignment is divided into three parts, the first...


  2. LEWIS, Wyndham.

    America and Cosmic Man.

    London and Brussels, Nicholas and Watson Ltd., [1948].

    First edition, second state binding as always (the first, in green cloth, was rejected by Lewis as ‘hideous’ and was used on only 3 trial copies). In hand by 1943, not finished until 1946 and then rejected by American publishers until it finally found a British home in 1948, America and Cosmic Man...


  3. LEWIS, Wyndham.

    The Writer and the Absolute …

    London, Methuen & Co., Ltd., [1952].

    First edition, inscribed ‘To my dear friend Geoffrey Bridson / Wyndham Lewis / 25 June 1952’. The work was published the following day.


  4. LEWIS, Wyndham.

    The Demon of Progress in the Arts.

    London, Methuen & Co. Ltd., 1954.

    First edition, inscribed ‘To Geoffrey / my best copy / Wyndham’. Lewis breaks here with abstraction in the arts, naming Michael Ayrton, Francis Bacon, Henry Moore, Ceri Richards and others as ‘the finest group of painters and sculptors which England has ever known’. Ayrton collaborated...


  5. LEWIS, Wyndham.


    London, Methuen & Co. Ltd., 1951.

    Third (second revised) edition, set up from a corrected version of the re-written text of 1928 – the details of the textual differences are outlined in ‘Tarr V’ by Bernard Lafourcade (Enemy News 15, Winter 1982). The dust-jacket features Lewis’s last drawing before his blindness (see Meyers).


  6. LEWIS, Wyndham.

    The Art of Wyndham Lewis. Edited by C. Handley-Read with an Essay on Detail in the Artist’s Style, a chronological...

    London, Faber and Faber Limited, [1951].

    First edition, inscribed ‘To Geoffrey Bridson from W. L.’ The first monograph devoted to Lewis. The absence of some of the plates is curious – some were evidently cut out by Bridson, but there is no sign of the frontispiece ever having been in this copy, nor anything after plate 42. Was...


  7. LEWIS, Wyndham.

    Rotting Hill …

    London, Methuen & Co. Ltd., [1951].

    First edition, inscribed ‘To Geoffrey / Benedictions / Wyndham Lewis’. Rotting Hill was a collection of stories, ‘no more political than “some of Charles Dickens’ books, and all by Mr. Shaw”’ (Bridson, The Filibuster), in that ‘today our lives are saturated by’ politics....


  8. LEWIS, Wyndham.

    Self Condemned.

    London, Methuen & Co. Ltd., [1954].

    First edition, second impression (June 1954), one of Lewis’s most successful works, a novel based on his self-imposed exile in Canada during World War II. Eliot thought the work one of Lewis’s best, ‘a novel of almost unbearable poignancy’. Bridson and Lewis had corresponded about the work, then...


  9. LEWIS, Wyndham.

    America, I Presume.

    New York, Howell, Soskins & Co., [1940].

    First edition, Lewis’s first impressions of America after his abrupt departure thence in September 1939. He was to remain in North America for the duration of World War WII.


  10. LEWIS, Wyndham.

    The Human Age. Book Two, Monstre Gai. Book Three, Malign Fiesta. Illustrations by Michael Ayrton.

    London, Methuen & Co. Ltd., [1955].

    First edition, inscribed ‘To Geoffrey Bridson – you who did so much to make the completion of this book possible, and who was chiefly responsible for its translation into Radio drama – I salute you. / Wyndham Lewis’.


  11. LEWIS, Wyndham.

    The Lion and the Fox. The Role of the Hero in the Plays of Shakespeare …

    London, Methuen & Co. Ltd., [1955.]

    Reprint of the second edition of Lewis’s ‘first political book’, a collection of essays engaging with Shakespeare and Machiavelli first published in 1927 and then reissued by Methuen in 1951; inscribed in a very shaky hand ‘To Geoffrey Bridson from Wyndham / Oct 1956’.

    ‘The Lion...


  12. LEWIS, Wyndham, and D. G. BRIDSON.

    Typescript for broadcast: ‘Satiric Verse … The text of a lecture delivered at Harvard University...

    Transmitted 9 July and 23 August 1957.

    Although a recording of Lewis reading from ‘One Way Song’ was made at Harvard in 1940, the lecture that accompanied it, ‘Satiric Verse’, was not then recorded. For the 1957 broadcast it was read by Walter Allen ‘from Lewis’s own manuscript notes’. Several other sections were read by Stephen...


  13. [LEWIS, Wyndham.]

    Agenda. Wyndham Lewis Special Issue.

    [London, Poets and Painters Press (William Cookson), 1969.]

    A triple issue of Agenda devoted to Lewis. Bridson’s article, ‘The making of The Human Age’ appears on pp. 163-171, and mentions his own inscribed copy of the work; also included are the talk commissioned from I. A. Richards before the broadcast of The Childermass, two articles by...


  14. LEWIS, Wyndham.

    An Anthology of his Prose. Edited with an introduction by E.W.F. Tomlin.

    London, Methuen & Co Ltd., [1969].

    First edition. ‘The Sea-Mists of Winter’, Lewis’s famous article on the approach of blindness, appears in this Anthology for the first time in book form – the original article from The Listener is also laid in. Bridson has noted in pencil where the book text differs (with several new sections)...


  15. LEWIS, Wyndham.

    One-Way Song. With a Foreword by T. S. Eliot.

    London, Methuen, [1960].

    Second edition, ostensibly an unaltered reprint of the first edition of 1933, but in fact with some changes. Eliot’s foreword is new to this edition. Bridson had reviewed the original edition uncharitably as ‘versified pamphleteering’ in Poetry XLV: 3 (Dec 1934), accusing it of being a satirical...


  16. LEWIS, Wyndham.

    Blasting and Bombadiering.

    London, Calder & Boyars Ltd., [1967].

    Second edition, revised, with major changes to the chapter ‘First Meeting with Ezra Pound’, the addition of three new chapters ‘The King of the Trenches’, ‘Cantelman’s Spring-Mate’ and ‘The War Baby’, and a new preface by Anne Wyndham-Lewis.


  17. ELIOT, T. S.

    ‘Wyndham Lewis’. Reprinted from The Hudson Review, vol. X, No 2,

    Summer, 1957.

    Very rare offprint of Eliot’s memoir of Lewis, dated 29 April 1957. Eliot recalls his first meeting with Lewis in Ezra Pound’s rooms in 1915, his ‘remarkable novel’ Tarr, their trip to France together in 1921 (and their meeting with Joyce), and Lewis’s ‘frank and merciless critic[ism]...


  18. LEWIS, Wyndham.

    The Red Priest.

    London, Methuen & Co. Ltd, 1956.

    First edition, the last book published before Lewis’s death in March 1957. Bridson and Lewis had corresponded about a possible radio adaptation but Bridson had concluded it was over-episodic and would not translate well (letter of 6 March 1951).


  19. POUND, Ezra.

    How to Read …

    London, Desmond Harmsworth, [1931].

    First edition, a fine association copy. Agnes Bedford (1892-1969) was a lifelong friend of Pound (they first met in 1919 and corresponded until 1963 when he unexpectedly severed contact) and through him of Wyndham Lewis, with whom she had an affair in the 1920s. A vocal coach and accompanist,...


  20. POUND, Ezra.

    Selected Poems. The New Classics Series.

    New York, New Directions, 1949].

    First edition, inscribed in a characteristic mix of the formal and the faux-Cockney ‘Geoffrey Bridson certified + worthy owner hereof. / To which mi ’and [i.e. my hand]/ Ezra Pound / 9 A[ugust?] ’56’. The book was given to Bridson on the occasion of his visit to Pound at St. Elizabeth’s...