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  1. STAPLETON, Thomas.

    Promptuarium Catholicum ad instructionem concionatorum contra haereticos nostri temporis, super omnia evangelia...

    Antwerp, Pierre Beller, 1592.

    Rare third edition, expanded, of Stapleton’s handbook or ‘storehouse’ of scriptural devotions for Sundays and feast days, first published in 1589. An independent companion volume for the weekdays in Lent was first published in 1594.


  2. SARPI, Paolo.

    Historia del Concilio Tridentino di Pietro Soave Polano. Nella quale si scoprono tutti gl’artificii della Corte...

    London, John Bill, 1619.

    First edition, a large paper copy, of Sarpi’s history of the Council of Trent; published under the pseudonym of Pietro Soave Polano by the apostate Marcantonio de Dominis, with additions by the latter. Large paper copies of the first edition are very rare.


  3. [SAINTE-HILAIRE, Émile Marco de.]

    Réclamation addressée à S. Ece. Mgr. Delavau, préfet de police, par Modeste Agnès, patentée...

    Paris, chez les marchands de nouveautés, 1821.

    Rare first edition of this work on Parisian prostitution, attributed to the writer and journalist Émile Marco de Sainte-Hilaire (1796-1887). The Réclamation is presented as a letter from the prostitute Modeste Agnès to the newly-appointed Paris chief of police, Guy Delavau (1787-1874),...


  4. STRAPAROLA, Giovanfrancesco.

    Le piacevoli notti di messer Giovanfrancesco Straparola da Caravaggio.

    Venice, Domenico Giglio, 1558.

    An early edition of both volumes of Straparola’s Facetious nights, first published in 1550–53.


  5. [WAGNER, Richard.]

    Wagner Festival. Royal Albert Hall, May 1877. Selections from the German texts of Der Ring des Nibelungen, Rienzi,...

    London: [The Elzevir Press for] Hodge and Essex, [but 1877].

    First edition, very rare, an attractive volume collecting the separately-issued programmes for the initial run of six concerts during the first Wagner Festival at the Royal Albert Hall in May 1877, with a general title-page. The texts are printed in German and English in parallel – the first...


  6. [WILSON, Harriette].

    Clara Gazul, or honi soit qui mal y pense … In three Volumes.

    London: Printed for and published by the Author … to be had by all Booksellers. 1830.

    First edition, privately printed and very scarce, of this picaresque novel by the infamous London courtesan Harriette Wilson (1786-1845), with a long autobiographical preface, and an address ‘To the Public’ about her notorious Memoirs. It also features, in volume III, a witty self-portrait as ‘Harriette...


  7. THÜNEN, Johann Heinrich von.

    Der isolirte Staat in Beziehung auf Landwirthschaft und Nationalökonomie …[Part I and part II/1].

    Rostock, G. B. Leopold, 1842–50.

    Scarce second edition of the first part, revised and enlarged, being the repository of Thünen’s major theories, and the edition used by Roscher in his Geschichte der National-Oekonomik, here bound with the first edition of part II/1, the last to be published during the author’s lifetime; he died...


  8. WEIDNER, Paul.

    Sententiae Hebraicae ad vitae institutionem perutiles breviter explicatae, et praeclarissimis dictis tam sacrarum...

    Vienna, Michael Zimmermann, 1563.

    First edition; very rare. A collection of Hebrew proverbs ‘very useful for the regulation of life’, with accompanying translation and commentary in Latin and German.


  9. [IRELAND, William, et al. - Trials of.]

    The Tryals of William Ireland, Thomas Pickering, and John Grove; for conspiring...

    London, Pawlet, 1678.

    First editions; first and only edition of the second work, the first work being followed by a Dublin issue.



    The arguments upon the writ of habeas corpus, in the court of Kings Bench. Wherein, are learnedly discussed, not...

    London, M.F. for W.Lee, M. Walbancke, D. Pakeman, and G. Bedell, 1649.

    Only edition of this important survey of the arguments surrounding the use of habeas corpus writs during Darnell’s case (or the Five Knights’ case), where five noblemen were imprisoned for their refusal to pay forced loans imposed by Charles I to pay for his several wars. Demanding that the...


  11. HAWLES, John.

    Remarks upon the Tryals of Edward Fitzharris, Stephen Colledge, Count Coningsmark, the Lord Russel, Collonel Sidney,...

    London, Jacob Tonson, 1689.

    First and only edition of a treatise on the legality of government before the Revolution. A lawyer and later politician, John Hawles (1645-1716) examines ‘how far the Proceedings in Capital Matters, of late years, have been Regular or Irregular’, considering the irregularity of certain treason...


  12. DUCAREL, Andrew & James Coltée, and Gerard DE LISLE & Robin MYERS, eds.

    Two Huguenot Brothers: Letters of Andrew and James Coltée...

    Leicester, The Garendon Press, 2019.

    James Coltée Ducarel’s letters sent from France to his elder brother Andrew in London are a hitherto unknown resource for the study of the Enlightenment and the French Huguenots in the mid-eighteenth century.


  13. ASHURST, William Henry.

    Printed by order of “The Society for preserving Liberty and Property against Republicans and Levellers,”...

    [London, 1792-3].

    Rare broadside, printing Ashurst’s best remembered speech, a loyalist diatribe in favour of the status quo pronounced in the context of the massacres in France in September 1792. The Association (or Society) for preserving liberty etc. was founded by John Reeves the day after Ashurst delivered...


  14. JENKINS, David.

    The Works of that grave and learned lawyer Judge Jenkins, prisoner in Newgate …

    London, J. Gyles, 1648.

    One of at least five editions or variants in 1648, this with ‘VVorks’ not ‘Works’ in the title, ‘J. Gyles’ rather than ‘I. Gyles’ in the imprint, and the divisional title-page to ‘The Cordiall of Judge Jenkins’ dated 1648 not 1647.


  15. [LILBURNE, John.]

    A Declaration of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, with their resolution that if Captaine Catesby,...

    [London,] John Wright, 19 Dec 1642.

    First edition, the scarcer of two printings (10 in ESTC), with a border of printer’s tools on the title-page.


  16. BARLOW, Joel.

    A Letter, addressed to the people of Piedmont, on the advantages of the French Revolution, and the necessity of adopting...

    London, Daniel Isaac Eaton, 1795.

    First edition in English with new notes, of Barlow’s encouragement to Piedmont to embrace the principles of the French revolution. The letter itself was written in 1792, and quickly published in both French and Italian. By 1795 much had happened in France, and it was only now that the benefits of republicanism...


  17. BARLOW, Joel.

    A Letter to the national convention of France, on the defects in the constitution of 1791, and the extent of the...

    New York, Thomas Greenleaf for J. Fellows, [1793].

    First American edition (first London 1792) of Barlow’s Letter to the national convention, which saw him bestowed the honour of French citizenship in February 1793, here printed with his satirical poetic attack on English conservatism, The Conspiracy of kings (1791-2). The American poet...



    Poetry of the Anti-Jacobin.

    London, J. Wright, 1799.

    First edition, collecting poems by George Canning, John Hookham Frere and others from the Anti-Jacobin, or weekly Examiner (1797-8), founded by Canning and edited by William Gifford. Some of its most innovative content came in the form of poetry. ‘The political targets of the Poetry of...


  19. BECKETT, Ernest William, 2nd Baron Grimthorpe.

    Manuscript diaries descriptive of a voyage around the world.

    1882, 1892, 1894-96, 1898, 1899, 1902.

    An intriguing set of travel diaries kept by Ernest Bennett (1856-1917), banker, Conservative politician, dilettante and philanderer, lover of Alice Keppel (long-time mistress of Edward VII) and rumoured father of Violet Trefusis. Schooled at Eton, Beckett briefly attended Trinity College, Cambridge,...