Gift Ideas

  1. VICTORIA, Queen of Great Britain.

    Leaves from the Journal of Our Life in the Highlands, from 1848 to 1861. To which are Prefixed...

    London: Smith, Elder and Co., 1868.

    In 1842, Victoria and Albert made their first visit to Scotland, and Victoria recorded in her journal that ‘Albert says [that Dalkeith is] very German-looking’ (Leaves, p. 13); ‘[t]here could be no higher praise, and Victoria’s love affair with Scotland, which long survived her husband, began’...


  2. D[ONNE], J[ohn].

    Poems, by J. D. with Elegies on the Authors Death.

    London. Printed by M. F. for John Marriot ... 1633.

    First edition of what may plausibly be called the greatest poetical collection of the seventeenth century. This copy contains the inserted leaves 2A2 not found in all copies (‘The Printer to the Understanders’ and ‘Hexastichon Bibliopolae’, six lines in English verse signed Joh. Mar[iott]), and,...


  3. BISHOP, Isabella Lucy (née BIRD).

    Unbeaten Tracks in Japan. An Account of Travels in the Interior, Including Visits to the Aborigines...

    London: R. & R. Clark for John Murray, 1880.

    First edition. ‘Isabella Bird was recommended to leave home in April 1878 to recruit her health, and she chose to visit Japan. The northern route she chose had never been traversed in its entirety by a European and as a woman travelling alone, her experiences generally differed from those of...


  4. [TULLY, Miss].

    Narrative of a Ten Years’ Residence at Tripoli in Africa: From the Original Correspondence in the Possession of...

    London: Cox and Baylis for Henry Colburn, 1817.

    Second edition. No matter whether the author of this work – mentioned in the Preface rather than on the title, and a mystery unsolved to this day – was the sister or (as stated from this edition onwards) the sister-in-law of Richard Tully, her Narrative of a Ten Years’ Residence at Tripoli in...



    Cupid’s annual Charter; or St. Valentine’s Festival, in which all true Lovers have free Leave to declare their...

    London: Published by W. Perks … [c. 1810].

    First and only edition of an attractive early commercial ‘valentine writer’, comprising sixty-five sample verse Valentines and Answers, and a coloured frontispiece. An innovation of the late eighteenth century, such chapbooks were designed to be dismantled – the frontispiece used as a card, and...


  6. [SOUTHEY, Robert].

    The Doctor &c. Vol I [-VII].

    London: Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green and Longman. 1834 [-1847].

    A fine complete set of Southey’s rambling and whimsical novel-cum-miscellany, famously containing the first appearance of the ‘Story of the Three Bears’, in volume IV. Volume III is a second edition; volumes VI-VII were published posthumously from Southey’s manuscripts in 1847.


  7. BOUBAT, Edouard.


    Paris, Contrejour, 1983.

    First edition, with a short essay by Boubat. Humanity is central to Boubat’s joyful street photography, which has echoes of Cartier-Bresson and Doisneau; ‘Each photo is my first photo’, his introduction baldly states.


  8. HARRISON, William.

    The lazy Lays, and Prose Imaginings …

    A. D. 1877 (Popular Chronology;) A. M. 5877 (Torquemada;) A. M. 50,800,077 (Huxley.) … London.

    First edition, a presentation copy, of this eccentric collection of verse and prose by the photographer, spiritualist and journalist William Henry Harrison.


  9. [SHACKLETON, Sir Ernest Henry] — FRADELLE & YOUNG, photographers.

    ‘Welcome Home Dinner to Lieut. E.H. Shackleton and his Comrades,...

    London: Fradelle & Young, [1909].

    On 29 June 1909 a dinner was held at Princes’ Restaurant to welcome back Ernest Shackleton from his British Antarctic Expedition of 1907-1909. This expedition was the first to the Antarctic led by Shackleton and, although the expedition did not, as hoped, reach the South Pole, it achieved a new ‘Farthest...


  10. ROSOVE, Michael H.

    Antarctica, 1772–1922. Freestanding Publications through 1999.

    Santa Monica, CA: Edwards Brothers for Adélie Books, 2001.

    First edition, no. 125 of 500 copies signed by the author. Rosove’s magisterial and elegantly-produced bibliography provides detailed collations and publication histories of 365 primary and selected secondary works, together with a briefer listing of a further 355 less-significant secondary...


  11. KERSHMAN, Andrew.

    Book Lovers’ London.

    London, Metro Publications, 2015.

    Fifth edition. Book Lovers’ London has established itself as an essential reference tool for those wanting to enjoy the literary delights of the capital. It contains reviews of over six hundred bookshops, including Quaritch.



    London: Printed for The Religious Tract Society … and sold at their Depository … also by J. Nisbet...

    [c. 1827]

    First edition. A finely illustrated anthology of religious verse, contemplations, and prayers for children. Pieces include poems on the seasons and stories about a Welsh Shepherd, and ‘The Hill and the Valley’, all with heavily metaphorical content.


  13. [KEENE, Marian].

    The History of a tame Robin. Supposed to be written by Himself.

    London: Printed for Darton, Harvey, and Darton … 1817.

    First and only edition. The tame Robin recalls a life of adventure enriched by human and avian friendships. A childhood spent in a school-room helped him attain ‘a sufficient knowledge of literature to relate my adventures’. His life, though happy, is not without its vicissitudes: he loses a close...


  14. MARINI, Giovanni Ambrogio.

    The Desperadoes; an heroick History. Translated from the Italian of the celebrated Marini (the Original...

    London: Printed by W. R. and sold by T. Asltey … J. Isted … and T. Worrall … 1733.

    First and only edition in English of Le gare de’ disperati (1644), the second of three romances by Marini (1596-1668). Inevitably, ‘It was necessary to omit many Things that were contrary to our Morals; to Decency, and to the Purity of the English Tongue …’. But the general scheme of events...


  15. [BERQUIN, Arnaud].

    The Looking-Glass for the Mind; or, intellectual Mirror, being an elegant Collection of the most delightful...

    London: Printed for E. Newberry … 1787.

    First edition, a selection of stories from L’Ami des Enfans (1782-3) in a ‘very free’ translation by Richard Johnson. L’Ami des Enfans, published simultaneously in Paris and London, was the first children’s periodical, and of enormous influence. Its English subscribers’ list (in volume XII)...


  16. [COWPER, Ashley, editor].

    The Norfolk poetical Miscellany. To which are added some select Essays and Letters in Prose. Never printed...

    London: Printed for the Author, and sold by J. Stagg … 1744.

    First edition. This lively miscellany, containing a large number of amusing short poems (but nothing for the libertine), was assembled by William Cowper’s uncle, the father of Theodora, later Lady Hesketh, with whom the poet fell in love. The dedication to the young Lady Caroline [Cowper] is subscribed...


  17. [HAWKS, Francis Lister].

    Uncle Philip’s Conversations with Children about the Habits and mechanical Employments of inferior Animals...

    London: Printed for T.T. and J. Tegg … 1834.

    First edition. Wise Uncle Philip, returned from a life of travel and learning, wiles away his days teaching natural history to inquisitive local children. The insects he discourses on are anthropomorphised as industrious tradespeople: bees are carpenters, wasps are paper-makers, and ants are masons....


  18. SHENSTONE, William.

    The Works, in Verse and Prose… in three Volumes … Fifth Edition …

    London: Printed for J. Dodsley … 1777.

    Fifth edition of the Works (1764), the first edition of which was planned by Shenstone but published after his death, with Robert Dodsley’s description of Shenstone’s important garden at The Leasowes, one of the first natural landscape gardens in England and one of the most influential, and with...


  19. MILTON, John. Paolo ROLLI, translator.

    Del Paradiso perduto Poema inglese.

    Londra, Presso Carlo Bennet, 1736.

    First edition of the first complete Italian translation of Milton’s Paradise Lost, the second issue, with a cancel title-page dated 1736 and further enumerating Rolli’s academic titles. Rolli started to work on this translation in 1719, publishing the first six books in London in 1729. Still...


  20. ‘CARROLL, Lewis’ [i.e. Charles Lutwidge DODGSON].

    Sylvie and Bruno … London, Macmillan and Co. 1889. [With:] Sylvie and Bruno...

    London, Macmillan and Co. 1880-1893.

    First editions, presentation copies inscribed ‘Lizzie Wilcox from her affte Cousin the Author / Dec. 12. 1889’ and ‘Lizzie Wilcox, from her affectionate Cousin the Author / Dec. 27, 1893’ (two days before publication), a fine association: