Recent Acquisitions

  1. [PRICKET, Robert].

    Newes from the King’s Bath reporting Nothing but an honest Means whereby to establish an happy and much desired...

    Bristoll, Printed at the Authors Charge: 1645.

    First and only edition, rare, of a remarkable late flowering: Pricket’s final work, published thirty-eight years after his last book. It is one of the earliest books, and indeed the first literary work of any sort, printed at Bristol.


  2. GREVILLE, Fulke, Baron Brooke.

    Certaine Learned and Elegant Workes of the Right Honorable Fulke, Lord Brooke, written in his Youth,...

    London: Printed by E. P. for Henry Seyle ... 1633.

    First edition. This is the definitive printing of the poems and plays of an attractive minor Elizabethan – the ‘Servant to Queen Elizabeth, Councillor to King James, Friend to Sir Philip Sidney’ (to quote his epitaph). Like Sidney, Greville never published his poetry in his lifetime; and, apart...


  3. FULLER, Thomas.

    Davids hainous Sinne. Heartie Repentance. Heavie Punishment …

    London, Printed by Tho. Cotes, for John Bellamie … 1631.

    First and only edition of Fuller’s first book, and his only volume of verse. It is a three-part poem written in a variation of rhyme royal, recounting King David’s adultery with Bathsheba and its consequences.


  4. [SOUTHEY, Robert].

    The Doctor &c. Vol I [-VII].

    London: Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green and Longman. 1834 [-1847].

    A fine complete set of Southey’s rambling and whimsical novel-cum-miscellany, famously containing the first appearance of the ‘Story of the Three Bears’, in volume IV. Volume III is a second edition; volumes VI-VII were published posthumously from Southey’s manuscripts in 1847.


  5. LEIGH, Sir Samuel Egerton.

    Munster Abbey, a Romance; interspersed with Reflections on Virtue and Morality … in three Volumes …

    Edinburgh: Printed by John Moir … for W. Creech, Cross, and S. Cheyne … [and] for Hookham & Carpentar … Vernor & Hood … London. 1797

    First edition. Despite its ‘Gothic’ title this is a novel of contemporary high life in England and on the Grand Tour, avoiding ‘extravagant descriptions of supernatural scenes and events’. Munster Abbey in Devon is the seat of the hero, Mr. Belford, a bachelor ‘happily possessed of a fortune,...


  6. POUNCY, John.

    Dorsetshire photographically illustrated: the Detail and Touch of Nature faithfully reproduced by a new Process on...

    London, Bland & Long … and Dorchester, John Pouncy, Photographic Institution, [1857].

    First edition, first issue: the first two original parts of the first photolithographically-illustrated to be published in Britain. ‘As far as we know Pouncy’s rare book was not only the first but remained the only attempt in book form to reproduce photographic views from nature by photolithography’...


  7. KEATS, John.

    Lamia, Isabella, The Eve of Saint Agnes, and Other Poems.

    Waltham, Saint Lawrence: The Golden Cockerel Press, 1928.

    Limited to 500 copies, this no. 419 of 485 copies on Batchelor hand-made paper. The text was based on the edition prepared for the Oxford University Press by H. Buxton Forman, and is set in Caslon Old Face, with initials by Eric Gill, including the initial letters ‘IT’, which had been cut for the...


  8. MARCHESINI, Marcello.

    Saggio d’economia politica; o sia, Riflessioni sullo spirito della legislazione relativamente all’agricoltura,...

    Napoli, V. Orsini, 1793.

    Very rare first and only edition of a book on economic and social policy by Marcello Marchesini, a scholar from Istria who, having been trained in Venice, took the chair of Political Economy in Naples after Genovesi. Marchesini declares in the title that his book should be regarded as a ‘Spirit of...


  9. EDGEWORTH, Francis Ysidro.

    A collection of offprints. 1884-1923.

    A substantial collection of mathematical contributions by Edgeworth, including The law of error, ‘the most important of the papers relating to this subject’ (Bowley), and the landmark essay on measurement On the probable errors of frequency-constants.


  10. RENAN, Ernest (1823-1892), French philologist and philosopher.

    A collection of 26 autograph letters and notes signed, with one...

    Paris and Sèvres, 1853-1889 (and undated).

    A fine collection of letters from Renan, providing an insight into the breadth of his academic pursuits, his publications, his contacts in France and abroad, and his personality.


  11. THIERS, Adolphe (1797-1877), French politician and historian.

    Three autograph letters signed (‘A Thiers’) to Nassau Senior.

    Paris, 22 December 1852, 11 July 1854, 18 June 1855.

    A set of interesting letters from Thiers to the English economist Nassau Senior. Thiers was a French politician and historian who served as prime minister under Louis Phillipe. Following the overthrow of the Second Empire he again came to prominence as the French leader who suppressed the revolutionary...


  12. MARSHALL, William.

    The rural economy of the West of England: including Devonshire; and parts of Somersetshire, Dorsetshire, and...

    London, for G. Nicol, G.G. and J. Robinson, and J. Debrett, 1796.

    First edition. William Marshall (1745-1818) wrote a series of studies of farming in English counties, published between 1787 and 1798. The volumes on the West of England were the ninth and tenth of the eventual twelve-volume set. Marshall never obtained the celebrity of his contemporary Arthur Young,...


  13. RAVERAT, Gwendolen Mary.

    The Wood Engravings of Gwen Raverat. Selected with an Introduction by Reynolds Stone.

    London, The University Press, Cambridge for Faber and Faber, 1959.

    First edition. This was the first catalogue of the wood-engravings of Raverat (1885-1957) to be published, and the works were selected and edited by the distinguished wood-engraver Reynolds Stone (1909-1979), who later wrote of her that, ‘Everything that Gwen Raverat undertook was done with intelligence...


  14. POPE, Alexander.

    The Works … Vol. I[-VI]. With explanatory Notes and Additions never before printed.

    London, Printed for B. Lintot, 1736 [Vol. II. Printed for L. Gilliver 1735; Vol. III. Printed for H. Lintot, 1736; Vol. IV. Printed for L....

    A fine set of the small octavo Works - Pope's preferred format - including the scarce supplementary Vol II. Part II.


  15. WITHER, George.

    Juvenilia. A Collection of those Poemes which were heretofore imprinted, and written by George Wither.

    London Printed for Robert Allott … 1633.

    Second collected edition, very scarce, much expanded from the first edition of 1622, adding Wither’s Motto and Faire Virtue or the Maid of Philarete.


  16. HOBSON, John Atkinson.

    The Evolution of modern capitalism. A study of machine production...

    London, Walter Scott Ltd., 1894.

    Andrew Carnegie’s copy of the first edition, ‘perhaps his best performance’ (Schumpeter p. 833) of Hobson’s further reiteration of the underconsumptionist case first outlined in his earlier work, The Physiology of Industry (1889): the present work identified Hobson as an economic heretic, a role...