The authoritarian personality.

New York, Harper Brothers, 1950.

8vo, pp. [iv]-xxxiv, 990; a clean, faultless copy, bound in the original blue cloth, spine direct-lettered gilt; in the original dust-jacket; some wear to the corners and edges of the dust-jacket and bumping to the top corner of the back cover.


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The authoritarian personality.

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First edition. Theodore Adorno is well known as having been a leading light of the Frankfurt School of critical theory. Less known, but nevertheless worthy of note, are his co-authors, each of whom made notable contributions to the field of psychology. The authoritarian personality is itself a groundbreaking work of social psychology, a study into antisemitism and the development of prejudice. Antisemitism made a significant mark on the lives of two of its authors: both Adorno and Frenkel-Brunswik were made refugees by the Nazi regime.

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