Garden City, New York, Doubleday, Page & Company, 1919.

8vo, pp. 5, [3]; yellow wrappers printed green; a fine copy.


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American copyright edition. In this poem, Kipling casts the recently deceased Theodore Roosevelt as the character Great-Heart from A Pilgrim’s Progress.

Richards A316

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La Murtoleide fischiate del cavalier Marino con la Marineide risate del Murtola.

Rare first edition of the manifesto of Italian Baroque poetry, appearing in the bitterly satirical ‘literary feud’ between the leading Italian baroque poet Giambattista Marino and his adversary, Gasparo Murtola. Marino, who thrived in his notoriously misbehaving public persona, had been banned from several courts, while his opponent Murtola had enjoyed a formal position with the Savoy and - indeed used it to have Marino jailed. Released through the offices of several influential friends in 1615, Marino took refuge in France. His collection of anti-Murtola verse, Murtoleide, circulated widely in manuscript before appearing in print for the first time in 1619. Murtola’s in-kind reply, the Marineide, asserted the latter’s position immediately and was published alongside it.

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[HANKEY, Katherine.]

The old, old Story, in two Parts: Part I. The Story wanted; Part II. The Story told.

‘545th thousand’ of an abridged Christian catechism in verse, by the missionary Hankey. The advertisements on the final page offer the same work in a halfpenny edition, an edition with musical notation, a German version, and an edition in William Moon’s type for the blind. The work was also published in Italian, Spanish, Welsh, Irish, and Bengali.

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