[cover title: ] La Société coopérative est la meilleure des caisses d’épargne.

Lille, L. Danel, [1866?].

Square 16mo, pp. 31, [1] blank; inkstamp to p. [1]; nineteenth-century half roan, preserving the original printed wrappers.


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[cover title: ] La Société coopérative est la meilleure des caisses d’épargne.

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First edition. Léon Say (1826–1896), grandson of Jean-Baptiste Say, ‘became one of the most prominent statesmen of the French Third Republic. He served as Finance Minister from 1872 to 1879, and again in 1882, overseeing the largest financial operation of the century – payment of war reparations in Germany. His financial policies were directed toward a decrease in public expenditures and the removal of barriers to internal trade. A brilliant speaker and debater, he railed against socialism from the left and protectionism from the right … Upon leaving the Cabinet, Say returned to his seat in parliament, assuming the leadership of the free trade party. He was at one time considered for the presidency of the republic, but was gradually set apart from his constituency by a rising tide of radicalism’ (The New Palgrave).

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WYVILL, Christopher, Rev.

A more extended Discussion in favour of liberty of conscience. The second edition.

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