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We stock Western books in European languages, generally – but not exclusively – published before circa 1850. We are especially interested in early travel accounts – from the late fifteenth to the eighteenth centuries – in all areas beyond Europe.

Geographical regions in which we have tended to specialise include the Pacific and its surrounding countries – South America, the Northwest Coast of America, Japan, China, the maritime regions of Asia, including the Philippines and Indonesia, and Australia. Books on Africa, the polar regions, manuscripts and separately published maps are also handled.
  1. SHAW, Sir Charles.

    Personal memoirs and correspondence of Colonel Charles Shaw, K.C.T.S., etc. of the Portuguese Service, and late...

    London, Henry Colburn, 1837.

    First edition; very scarce. Charles Shaw (1795–1871), of Ayr, entered the army by purchase in 1813 and was on baggage-guard duty at Brussels during the battle of Waterloo. ‘In November 1831 Shaw was appointed captain of a light company of marines in the liberating army of Portugal against Dom Miguel,...


  2. [SHERER, Moyle.]

    Recollections of the Peninsula. By the author of Sketches of India. Second edition.

    London, Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, Brown and Green, 1824.

    First published the previous year. ‘From 1801–7 [Sherer] attended Winchester College, but left on obtaining a commission in the 34th regiment of foot. In 1809 his corps was ordered to Portugal, and took part in the engagements of Albuera, Arroyo dos Molinos, and Vitoria. In the summer of 1813 Sherer...


  3. [SINO-JAPANESE WAR, 1894–95.]

    Terrible war of General Sakamoto, leader of the imperial warship Akagi.

    Tokyo, Sekiguchi Masajiro, 1894.

    A portrait of General Sakamoto at the battle of Yalu River (1894) executed by the Japanese artist, Toshikata Mizuno. General Sakamoto was killed in this battle.


  4. [SINO-JAPANESE WAR, 1894–5.]

    Punitive forces attacking Pyöngyang.

    Tokyo, Tsujiokaya Bunsuke, Meiji 27 [1894].

    First edition. The battle of Pyöngyang, 15 September 1894, was the second major land battle of the First Sino-Japanese War. In it, the town of Pyöngyang fell to the attacking Japanese forces who were then able to advance north to the Yalu River without opposition. Although the Chinese suffered heavy...


  5. SOMERVILLE, Alexander.

    History of the British Legion, and war in Spain, from personal observations and other authentic sources,...

    London, James Pattie, 1839.

    Second edition of one of the finest and most entertaining accounts of the First Carlist War; a considerably reworked, expanded, and eccentrically illustrated version of Somerville’s A narrative of the British Auxiliary Legion, published in Glasgow the previous year.


  6. SOMERVILLE, Alexander.

    A narrative of the British Auxiliary Legion, with incidents, anecdotes, and sketches of all parties connected...

    Glasgow, Muir, Gowans & Co., 1838.

    First edition; rare. One of the finest and most entertaining accounts of the First Carlist War. It was apparently issued ‘in about twenty parts, published weekly, at twopence each’ (p. [iii]).


  7. STANHOPE, Philip Henry, Lord Mahon.

    History of the War of the Succession in Spain . . . Second edition.

    London, John Murray, 1836.

    Second edition; first published in 1832. In this work, his first on British history, Lord Mahon made use of the extensive papers and correspondence of his relative James Stanhope, first Earl Stanhope (1673–1721): ‘these papers fill no less than fifteen or sixteen folio cases, and serve not only to...


  8. STEPHENS, Edward Bell.

    The Basque Provinces: their political state, scenery, and inhabitants; with adventures amongst the Carlists...

    London, Whittaker & Co., 1837.

    First edition. The author spent three months among the Carlists in 1836 as correspondent for the Morning Post, arriving at Bayonne on 3 September 1836 and returning there on 13 January 1837. His account includes descriptions of the second siege of Bilbao and the Battle of Luchana.


  9. STOTHERT, William.

    A narrative of the principal events of the campaigns of 1809, 1810, and 1811, in Spain and Portugal; interspersed...

    London, P. Martin, 1812.

    First edition of this scarce and very early account of the Peninsular War. William Stothert (1780–1815), from Kirkcudbrightshire, was an infantry adjutant with the Third Foot Guards. His work takes the form of 45 letters dated between 12 March 1809 and 20 December 1811, and includes accounts of the...


  10. SURTEES, William.

    Twenty-five years in the Rifle Brigade. By the late William Surtees, Quartermaster.

    Edinburgh, William Blackwood, and London, T. Cadell, 1833.

    First edition of this scarce memoir, ‘full of typical stories reflecting the virtues and failings of the famous Light Division’ (Charles Oman, Wellington’s army 1809–1814 pp. 30–1).


  11. [THOMPSON, Charles William.]

    Twelve months in the British Legion. By an officer of the Ninth Regiment.

    London, John Macrone, 1836.

    First edition; very scarce. Charles Thompson (1815–1896) was the second son of the army officer and radical politician Thomas Perronet Thompson. Before entering the army proper he served in Spain in the British Legion under Sir George de Lacy Evans. He fought at Arlaban on three consecutive days in...




    (Colophon:) Venice, Aldus, May 1502.

    A handsome copy of the first edition of the Greek text of Thucydides’ Peloponnesian War, printed by the great Aldus Manutius, with an interesting provenance.


  13. [TIMBER.]

    To our worthy friends [Sr Edward Fuss Knt, John Smith, John Stevens, Silvanus Wood and William Selwin Esqrs] Justices...

    [2 April 1667]

    Unrecorded(?) part-printed warrant; pursuant to the Act for providing carriage by land and by water for the use of his Majesties Navy and Ordnance, the parties names above are requested to provide fourteen carriages to Daniel Furzer for the transport of two hundred loads of timber from ‘in and...


  14. [TIPU SULTAN.]

    Les Indiens, ou Tippoo-Saïb, fils d’Hyder-Ally, &c. Avec quelques particularités sur ce prince, sur ses ambassadeurs...

    A Londres [i.e. Paris?] et se trouve à Paris, chez Le Jay, 1788.

    The apparently unrecorded first issue of this work on Tipu Sultan (1750–1799), ruler of the kingdom of Mysore and implacable enemy of the British East India Company. The only copies recorded institutionally (on ESTC, COPAC, and OCLC) have the title Les indiens, ou Tipou-Sultan, fils D’Ayder-Aly...


  15. TULLOCH, James Dundas Gregorie.

    Small archive relating to his military career.


    An interesting set of documents tracing the military career of James Dundas Gregorie Tulloch (1804-1879), from his initial struggles to obtain a commission to his promotion to Major under Queen Victoria. Tulloch was the younger brother of the statistician Major-General Sir Alexander Murray Tulloch (1803-1864),...


  16. VANE [formerly STEWART], Charles William, third marquess of Londonderry.

    Narrative of the Peninsular War, from 1808 to 1813 . ....

    London, Henry Colburn, 1829.

    First octavo edition, with an appendix which appears here for the first time: ‘Since the publication of the first edition of this narrative, the author has received communications from some of his brother officers; and he deems it but justice to them to give these letters, with his answers, to the...


  17. WALLIS, Thomas.

    The Farrier’s and Horseman’s complete Dictionary, containing the Art of Farriery in all its Branches, with...

    London, J. Beecroft, J. & F. Rivington, W. Owen, T. Lowndes, and G. Robinson, and Southampton, T. Baker, 1775.

    Third edition, from the library of Captain John Tharp of the Royal Regiment of Horse Guards. Born in Jamaica, John Tharp (1769-1851) served in the Blues, as a cornet from 1792 and a captain from 1799. Evidently interested equestrianism, surviving correspondence from his father complains of his...


  18. WALTON, William.

    The revolutions of Spain, from 1808 to the end of 1836. With biographical sketches of the most distinguished personages,...

    London, Richard Bentley, 1837.

    First edition of this pro-Carlist dissection of recent Spanish history. ‘The narrative commences with the year 1808; not only because the Spanish reformers who have entailed so many calamities on their country first came into notice at that period, but because the real character of the prince whose...


  19. WHEELER, William (Basil Henry LIDDELL HART, editor).

    The letters of Private Wheeler 1809–1828.

    London, Michael Joseph, [1951].

    First edition. William Wheeler was a private soldier who had transferred into the army (51st Foot) from the Surrey Militia in April 1809. His letters ‘start with the Walcheren expedition, cover the main part of the Peninsular War, and then give his impressions of the Waterloo campaign. I know of no...