Del Commercio dissertazione.

Rome, Niccolo and Marco Pagliarini, 1757.

8vo, pp. xx, 154, [1] colophon, [1] blank; a clean, crisp copy, uncut in contemporary marbled boards.


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Del Commercio dissertazione.

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Second edition to be authorized by Belloni, (first, 1750) – the first edition to include the author’s considerations on ‘imaginary money’ (pp. 135-154) – of a work notable for its argument in favour of restrictions on the export of money by the Vatican banker Girolamo Belloni (1688–1760). The work enjoyed great success: it received seventeen editions between 1750 and 1788, was translated into several languages (an English edition appeared in 1752) and led to the ennoblement of Belloni by Benedict XIV.

See, for the first edition, Carpenter XIV (1); Einaudi 395; Goldsmiths’ 8506; Kress Italian 266.

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L’Anti-financier, ou relevé de quelques-unes des malversations dont se rendent journellement coupables les Fermiers Généraux, & des vexations qu’ils commettent dans les provinces: servant de réfutation d’un écrit intitulé Lettre servant de réponse aux remontrances [sic] du Parlement de Bordeaux ...

First edition, second issue, including the Réponse at the end which is absent in the first issue. Darigrand’s work is a violent invective against the tax farming system which caused such distress in pre-revolutionary France and was a contributory factor leading to the revolution. The author pleads for a single tax in place of the large number of duties which, even disregarding the abuse to which their collection under the fermier général system was subject, made commerce difficult and dangerous. Moreover, legalised abuse and theoretically illegal depredation were so widespread that the innate defects of the system were greatly magnified. The proposed unitary tax was to be levied on the owners of land, business people and rentiers. It would doubtless, Darigrand concedes, have its disadvantages, but these would be as nothing compared to those of the existing system.

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First edition, the text of Becker’s lectures during the year 1967-68, produced from recordings. ‘For more than a decade I gave a course on price theory to first year graduate students at Columbia. The course tries to present a rigorous and systematic statement of the principles economists have developed to understand the allocation of resources. The emphasis of the course, however, has been on the value of these principles in understanding the world about us’.

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