Three pamphlets.

Paris, 1892–1920.

Three items, 8vo; overall good in original printed wrappers.


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Three pamphlets.

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A collection of rare French pamphlets on the subject of differences in sex development from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Two of the three pamphlets are doctoral theses, covering the social impact of differences in sex development, and persistent müllerian duct syndrome (‘tubular hermaphroditism’) in men. The third covers vulval fibromas (‘molluscum pendulum’), a subject now not classified as intersex but then categorised as ‘faux hermaphrodisme’.

1. CHÉROT, Henry. Du molluscum pendulum de la vulve. Faux hermaphrodisme par pseudo-verge latérale … Paris, Ollier-Henry, 1892.

Pp. 58, [2], illustration to p. 36; partly unopened in original printed wrappers; browned, some loss to spine. No copies in the UK; only one copy in North America, at McGill University.

2. PANCRAZI, Louis. Thèse pour le doctorat en médecine … Hermaphrodisme et pseudo-hermaphrodisme. Paris, Jules Rousset, 1910.

Pp. 45, [3]; in original printed wrappers. No copies in the UK; only one copy in North America, at McGill University.

3. LAHAYE, Paul. Thèse pour le doctorat en médecine … Réflexions au sujet d’un cas d’hermaphrodisme tubulaire masculin interne. Paris, Louis Arnette, 1920.

Pp. 72, with some illustrations; in original printed wrappers; fore-edges stained and crumbling. No copies in the UK; only one copy in North America, at McGill University.

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