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We stock Western books in European languages, generally – but not exclusively – published before circa 1850. We are especially interested in early travel accounts – from the late fifteenth to the eighteenth centuries – in all areas beyond Europe.

Geographical regions in which we have tended to specialise include the Pacific and its surrounding countries – South America, the Northwest Coast of America, Japan, China, the maritime regions of Asia, including the Philippines and Indonesia, and Australia. Books on Africa, the polar regions, manuscripts and separately published maps are also handled.
  1. THICKNESSE, Philip.

    A year’s journey through France, and part of Spain . . . The second edition with additions.

    London, William Brown, 1778.

    Second, expanded edition, a subscriber’s copy; first published the previous year. ‘Disappointed in the expectation of falling heir to some property . . . [and] “driven out of his own country with eight children in his train,” [Thicknesse] removed himself to Spain, where he thought he could live...


  2. [THOMPSON, Charles William.]

    Twelve months in the British Legion. By an officer of the Ninth Regiment.

    London, John Macrone, 1836.

    First edition; very scarce. Charles Thompson (1815–1896) was the second son of the army officer and radical politician Thomas Perronet Thompson. Before entering the army proper he served in Spain in the British Legion under Sir George de Lacy Evans. He fought at Arlaban on three consecutive days in...


  3. THÜNEN, Johann Heinrich von.

    Der isolirte Staat in Beziehung auf Landwirthschaft und Nationalökonomie …[Part I and part II/1].

    Rostock, G. B. Leopold, 1842–50.

    Scarce second edition of the first part, revised and enlarged, being the repository of Thünen’s major theories, and the edition used by Roscher in his Geschichte der National-Oekonomik, here bound with the first edition of part II/1, the last to be published during the author’s lifetime;...



    Les Indiens, ou Tippoo-Saïb, fils d’Hyder-Ally, &c. Avec quelques particularités sur ce prince, sur ses ambassadeurs...

    A Londres [i.e. Paris?] et se trouve à Paris, chez Le Jay, 1788.

    The apparently unrecorded first issue of this work on Tipu Sultan (1750–1799), ruler of the kingdom of Mysore and implacable enemy of the British East India Company. The only copies recorded institutionally (on ESTC, COPAC, and OCLC) have the title Les indiens, ou Tipou-Sultan, fils D’Ayder-Aly...


  5. TOOKE, Thomas.

    Thoughts and Details on the high and low Prices of the last thirty Years.

    London, John Murray, 1823.

    First edition of Tooke's first work, discussing the influence of climatic conditions and changing demand on agricultural prices. ‘During the three years which followed the Resumption Act of 1819 prices of nearly all commodities decreased, and the opinion that the fall in prices was the result of the...


  6. TUCKER, Josiah.

    Betydande frågor om handelen, wid tilfålle af de motsäjelser, som skedde emot den sista billen, om utlänningars...

    Stockholm, Jon. G. Langes [colophon: N. v. Oelreich], 1763.

    First Swedish edition, scarce, of this history on the treatment of foreign residents in Britain, Reflections on the Expediency of a Law for the Naturalization of Foreign Protestants (1751–1752). This book comprises only the main body of Part II (1752), ‘Important Queries occasioned by The Rejection...


  7. TULLOCH, James Dundas Gregorie.

    Small archive relating to his military career.


    An interesting set of documents tracing the military career of James Dundas Gregorie Tulloch (1804-1879), from his initial struggles to obtain a commission to his promotion to Major under Queen Victoria. Tulloch was the younger brother of the statistician Major-General Sir Alexander Murray Tulloch (1803-1864),...


  8. TURNER, Samuel. 

    An account of an embassy to the court of the Teshoo Lama, in Tibet; containing a narrative of a journey through...

    London, W. Bulmer and Co. for G. and W. Nicol, 1800.

    First edition of the ‘first eye-witness report on Tibet and Bhutan to be published in English.  The book remained the only account of those countries available to English readers until the publication in 1876 of the journals of George Bogle and Thomas Manning.  Through the editions that quickly...


  9. [UNGER, Salomo Gottlob.]

    Geschichte des Oesterreich-Russischen und Türkischen Krieges, in den Jahren von 1787. bis 1792. Nebst...

    Leipzig, Wilhelm Gottlob Sommer, 1792.

    First and only edition, extremely rare, of this account of the Austro-Turkish War of 1788-1791, and of the concurrent Russo-Turkish war of 1787-92. It includes the full texts of the Treaty of Sistova of 4 August 1791 and of a separate convention attached to it, in both French and German. While...


  10. VANE, Charles William, Marquess of Londonderry.

    A Steam Voyage to Constantinople, by the Rhine and the Danube, in 1840–41,...

    London, Henry Colburn, 1842. 

    First edition, scarce on the market, of this ‘very interesting work’ (Blackmer) by Vane (1778–1854), the half-brother of Lord Castlereagh who served under Wellington in the Peninsular War and later as ambassador at the Congress of Vienna. 


  11. VANE [formerly STEWART], Charles William, third marquess of Londonderry.

    Narrative of the Peninsular War, from 1808 to 1813 . ....

    London, Henry Colburn, 1829.

    First octavo edition, with an appendix which appears here for the first time: ‘Since the publication of the first edition of this narrative, the author has received communications from some of his brother officers; and he deems it but justice to them to give these letters, with his answers, to the...


  12. VAN GRUISEN, Nicolas Laurentius, junior.

    A holiday in Iceland …

    London, Elliot Stock, 1879.

    First edition, illustrated with handsome albumen prints, of this entertaining account of a ‘very pleasurable summer holiday in Iceland’, intended to induce others to visit and ‘inform them of the nature of the journey, and of the extent to which they must be prepared to “rough it”’.


  13. VAN HALEN, Juan [Valentín Maria LLANOS GUTIERREZ, editor].

    Memoirs of Don Juan van Halen; comprising the narrative of his imprisonment...

    London, Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, 1830.

    Second edition; first published in 1827. It is edited by Valentín Maria Llanos Gutierrez, who knew Keats, and visited him three days before his death in February, 1821. In 1826 Llanos y Gutierrez married Fanny Keats, the poet’s sister, and in 1833 took her to Spain, where they lived for the rest of...


  14. VAUX, Frederic W.

    Rambles in the Pyrenees; and a visit to San Sebastian.

    London, Longman, Orme, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1838.

    First edition; scarce. Vaux’s peregrinations in the Pyrenees, which took place during the First Carlist War, were mostly confined to the French side of the border, but he visited Viella and Venasque on the Spanish side. He found the latter to be ‘a town somewhat larger than Viella, and, if possible,...


  15. VERTOT, Abbé de.

    The History of the Revolutions of Portugal. By M. l’Abbe de Vertot, member of the Royal Academy of Inscriptions...

    Glasgow, printed by R. Urie for D. Baxter, 1750.

    Uncommon first Glasgow edition of this English translation of the Histoire des révolutions de Portugal, a classic account of the Portuguese Restoration War against Spain (1640-1668) by the French historian René-Aubert Vertot (1655–1735).


  16. VICTORIA, Crown Princess of Sweden.

    Vom Nil. Tagebuchblätter während des Aufenthalts in Egypten im Winter 1890/91... Mit Lichtdruckbildern...

    Karlsruhe: G. Braun’sche Hofbuchdruckerei, 1892.

    First edition, printed for private circulation. Vom Nil records a journey along the Nile made between October 1890 and April 1891 by Princess Victoria of Baden (1862–1930), later Queen Victoria of Sweden (queen consort 1907–1930).


  17. VIVIAN, George.

    Spanish scenery.

    London, P. & D. Colnaghi, 1838.

    First edition of this impressive collection of views, one of the most sumptuous such works devoted to Spain. George Vivian (1798–1873) was a connoisseur, collector, amateur architect and member of the Society of Dilettanti. He was also a member of the Commission set up to select a plan for the new...



    Carte des royaumes d’Espagne et Portugal dressée par L. Vivien ingénieur géographe, auteur...

    Paris, J. Andriveau-Goujon, 1831 and 1834.

    Second edition, updated (‘revue’) in 1834, of this attractive large map of Spain and Portugal, first published in 1824. It includes an inset plan of Cádiz. Louis Vivien de Saint-Martin (1802–1897) was not only a geographer and cartographer but also a prolific author who translated the works of...


  19. WALLIS, Thomas.

    The Farrier’s and Horseman’s complete Dictionary, containing the Art of Farriery in all its Branches, with...

    London, J. Beecroft, J. & F. Rivington, W. Owen, T. Lowndes, and G. Robinson, and Southampton, T. Baker, 1775.

    Third edition, from the library of Captain John Tharp of the Royal Regiment of Horse Guards. Born in Jamaica, John Tharp (1769-1851) served in the Blues, as a cornet from 1792 and a captain from 1799. Evidently interested equestrianism, surviving correspondence from his father complains of his...


  20. WALTON, William.

    The revolutions of Spain, from 1808 to the end of 1836. With biographical sketches of the most distinguished personages,...

    London, Richard Bentley, 1837.

    First edition of this pro-Carlist dissection of recent Spanish history. ‘The narrative commences with the year 1808; not only because the Spanish reformers who have entailed so many calamities on their country first came into notice at that period, but because the real character of the prince whose...