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We stock Western books in European languages, generally – but not exclusively – published before circa 1850. We are especially interested in early travel accounts – from the late fifteenth to the eighteenth centuries – in all areas beyond Europe.

Geographical regions in which we have tended to specialise include the Pacific and its surrounding countries – South America, the Northwest Coast of America, Japan, China, the maritime regions of Asia, including the Philippines and Indonesia, and Australia. Books on Africa, the polar regions, manuscripts and separately published maps are also handled.
  1. SWINBURNE, Henry.

    Travels through Spain, in the years 1775 and 1776. In which several monuments of Roman and Moorish architecture...

    London, P. Elmsly, 1779.

    From an old Roman Catholic family, Swinburne (1743–1803) ‘was educated at Scorton School, near Catterick, Yorkshire, the monastic seminary at Lacelle, France, the University of Paris, Bordeaux, and finally the Royal Academy in Turin, where he developed a keen interest in the arts’ (Oxford DNB)....


  2. TAVERNIER, Jean Baptiste.

    Recüeil de plusieurs relations et traitez singuliers et curieux . . . qui n’ont point esté mis dans...

    Paris, Gervais Clouzier, 1679.

    First edition, separately published, of the third part of Tavernier’s celebrated collection of voyages. The first two parts, Les six voyages, had appeared in 1676 and were also reissued in 1679.


  3. THICKNESSE, Philip.

    A year’s journey through France, and part of Spain . . . The second edition with additions.

    London, William Brown, 1778.

    Second, expanded edition, a subscriber’s copy; first published the previous year. ‘Disappointed in the expectation of falling heir to some property . . . [and] “driven out of his own country with eight children in his train,” [Thicknesse] removed himself to Spain, where he thought he could live...


  4. TOWNSEND, Joseph.

    A journey through Spain in the years 1786 and 1787; with particular attention to the agriculture, manufactures,...

    London, printed for C. Dilly, 1792.

    Second edition, expanded and corrected; first published the previous year. McCulloch calls this ‘one of the best works of the kind that has ever appeared, throwing a great deal of light on the political economy of Spain, and on the causes of her decline’.


  5. VAN HALEN, Juan [Valentín Maria LLANOS GUTIERREZ, editor].

    Memoirs of Don Juan van Halen; comprising the narrative of his imprisonment...

    London, Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, 1830.

    Second edition; first published in 1827. It is edited by Valentín Maria Llanos Gutierrez, who knew Keats, and visited him three days before his death in February, 1821. In 1826 Llanos y Gutierrez married Fanny Keats, the poet’s sister, and in 1833 took her to Spain, where they lived for the rest of...


  6. VAUX, Frederic W.

    Rambles in the Pyrenees; and a visit to San Sebastian.

    London, Longman, Orme, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1838.

    First edition; scarce. Vaux’s peregrinations in the Pyrenees, which took place during the First Carlist War, were mostly confined to the French side of the border, but he visited Viella and Venasque on the Spanish side. He found the latter to be ‘a town somewhat larger than Viella, and, if possible,...


  7. [VERBIEST, Ferdinand].

    Voyages de l’empereur de la Chine dans la Tartarie, ausquels on a joint une nouvelle découverte au Mexique.

    Paris, Estienne Michallet, 1685.

    First edition, extremely rare, of two letters in which the Jesuit missionary Verbiest describes the travels made by the emperor Kang Xi to Manchuria in 1682 and Mongolia in 1683.


  8. VICTORIA, Crown Princess of Sweden.

    Vom Nil. Tagebuchblätter während des Aufenthalts in Egypten im Winter 1890/91... Mit Lichtdruckbildern...

    Karlsruhe: G. Braun’sche Hofbuchdruckerei, 1892.

    First edition, printed for private circulation. Vom Nil records a journey along the Nile made between October 1890 and April 1891 by Princess Victoria of Baden (1862–1930), later Queen Victoria of Sweden (queen consort 1907–1930).


  9. VIVIAN, George.

    Spanish scenery.

    London, P. & D. Colnaghi, 1838.

    First edition of this impressive collection of views, one of the most sumptuous such works devoted to Spain. George Vivian (1798–1873) was a connoisseur, collector, amateur architect and member of the Society of Dilettanti. He was also a member of the Commission set up to select a plan for the new...



    Carte des royaumes d’Espagne et Portugal dressée par L. Vivien ingénieur géographe, auteur...

    Paris, J. Andriveau-Goujon, 1831 and 1834.

    Second edition, updated (‘revue’) in 1834, of this attractive large map of Spain and Portugal, first published in 1824. It includes an inset plan of Cádiz. Louis Vivien de Saint-Martin (1802–1897) was not only a geographer and cartographer but also a prolific author who translated the works of...


  11. [WIDDRINGTON, Samuel Edward, formerly COOK.]

    Spain and the Spaniards, in 1843. London, T.

    & W. Boone, 1844.

    First edition. Samuel Widdrington (1787–1856) had a distinguished career in the Navy, rising to the rank of captain. On retiring from the Navy he took up his interests in botany and mineralogy. He was accompanied for part of the tour described here by the Oxford professor of chemistry and botany Charles...


  12. WYLD, James, publisher.

    Spain and Portugal. Reduced from the large map in four sheets.

    London, James Wyld, 1836.

    Very scarce. The large map referred to in the title is probably Wyld’s Map of the kingdoms of Spain and Portugal, including Algarve, published in 1823. A reduced version of that map seems also to have been published in 1823.