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We stock Western books in European languages, generally – but not exclusively – published before circa 1850. We are especially interested in early travel accounts – from the late fifteenth to the eighteenth centuries – in all areas beyond Europe.

Geographical regions in which we have tended to specialise include the Pacific and its surrounding countries – South America, the Northwest Coast of America, Japan, China, the maritime regions of Asia, including the Philippines and Indonesia, and Australia. Books on Africa, the polar regions, manuscripts and separately published maps are also handled.
  1. KINCAID, Sir John.

    Adventures in the rifle brigade, in the Peninsula, France, and the Netherlands, from 1809 to 1815 . . . Third...

    London, T. & W. Boone, 1847.

    First published in 1830. Sir John Kincaid (1787–1862), second son of a Scottish laird, went to Spain in 1810 with the 95th foot’s first battalion. He took part in numerous actions in 1810 and 1811, and led a detachment of the storming party at the siege of Ciudad Rodrigo in January 1812. He fought...


  2. DALI, Salvador.

    Alpes: French Railways.

    France, Draeger for SNCF, 1970.

    A gorgeous and colourful surrealist design of delicate butterflies fluttering against a rugged Alpine backdrop, one of six designs commissioned from Dali by SNCF, French national railways, to promote travel into the Alpine region.


  3. DALI, Salvador.

    Alsace. French Railways.

    France, Draeger for SNCF, 1970.

    A striking monochrome image of the Temple Saint-Étienne, also known as the Cathedral of Mulhouse, against a murky sky. A vast butterfly blends into the foreground.


  4. JACOMB, Charles Ernest.

    And a new earth. A romance.

    London, George Routledge & Sons, 1926.

    First edition. A post-apocalyptic fantasy novel relating the history of a utopian island that survived a ‘second flood’ in 1958, which destroyed the world’s civilization and reduced the human population to just 10,000. The island was re-discovered by the New World Fleet in 2832, 872 years after...



    Atlas geofráfico de España, que comprende el mapa general del reyno, y los particulares de...

    Madrid, [no publisher,] 1804.

    First edition of this important atlas of Spain, very rarely found complete. The series of eight maps of Portugal at the end was first published in 1778, with another edition in 1811. Several of the maps form large wall- or folding maps at a uniform scale of 1:230,000 intended for joining and mounting.


  6. STEPHENS, Edward Bell.

    The Basque Provinces: their political state, scenery, and inhabitants; with adventures amongst the Carlists...

    London, Whittaker & Co., 1837.

    First edition. The author spent three months among the Carlists in 1836 as correspondent for the Morning Post, arriving at Bayonne on 3 September 1836 and returning there on 13 January 1837. His account includes descriptions of the second siege of Bilbao and the Battle of Luchana.


  7. BORROW, George.

    The Bible in Spain; or, the journeys, adventures, and imprisonments of an Englishman, in an attempt to circulate...

    London, John Murray, 1843.

    First edition. Borrow (1808–1881) joined the British and Foreign Bible Society in 1833: ‘Borrow impressed the society not just by his appearance – he was an imposing 6 foot 3 inches, with prematurely grey hair – but by his linguistic capacities. They sent him to St Petersburg (1833–5) to oversee...


  8. FLEMING, Peter.

    Brazilian Adventure.

    London: Queen Anne Press, 2010.

    First edition thus, no. 120 of 150 copies. 'In April 1932 Fleming answered an advertisement in the agony column of The Times, which led him to take part in a crack-brained and amateurish expedition to the hinterland of Brazil, ostensibly to look for Colonel P.H. Fawcett, a missing explorer....


  9. HAWTREY, George Procter.

    Caramella. A story of the lotus eaters up to date.

    Bristol, J. W. Arrowsmith, London, Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent and Co., [1899].

    First edition of this utopian novel exploring the bliss of Caramella. Caramella is a land visited by Odysseus who sent crew members ashore, where they consumed the lotus fruit and became addicted, ‘forgetting all thoughts of return’ (Odyssey IX). In Hawtrey’s novel, this fruit makes Caramella...


  10. [COLLIN, E., engraver.]

    Carte des royaumes d’Espagne et de Portugal ou l’on a marqué les routes de poste. Dressée d’après...

    Paris, Eymery (and others), 1823.

    An updated version of a map which seems to have been published first in 1808, and then again in 1813, in both instances with the additional wording in the title ‘pour servir à l’intelligence des operations militaires’. There are inset plans of Cádiz and Gibraltar.



    Carte des royaumes d’Espagne et Portugal dressée par L. Vivien ingénieur géographe, auteur...

    Paris, J. Andriveau-Goujon, 1831 and 1834.

    Second edition, updated (‘revue’) in 1834, of this attractive large map of Spain and Portugal, first published in 1824. It includes an inset plan of Cádiz. Louis Vivien de Saint-Martin (1802–1897) was not only a geographer and cartographer but also a prolific author who translated the works of...


  12. DUNDAS MURRAY, Robert.

    The cities and wilds of Andalucia . . . Second edition.

    London, Richard Bentley, 1850.

    First published the previous year. ‘Dundas Murray’s descriptions of his excursions are agreeably written and replete with incident. His most extended tour took him to Tiotinto, thence in a wide sweep through Cazalla to Córdoba and Jaén before continuing through Baeza, Lucena, and Granada, to Málaga....


  13. GRIFFIS, William Elliot.

    Corea the Hermit Nation.

    London: W.H. Allen & Co., 1882.

    First British edition. The American orientalist, minister and writer Griffis (1843-1928) was educated at Rutgers University and travelled to Japan in 1870, in the early years of the Meiji period, when Japan was beginning to engage with the West. After four years teaching in Japan, Griffis returned to...


  14. MELA, Pomponius.

    Cosmographia, sive De situ orbis.

    [Venice, printer of Pomponius Mela, 1477].

    Second edition, very rare. This is the variant issue without date or place of printing, and is one of only five books known to have produced by the anonymous printer who has been named after the present edition. Mela’s description of the world, also known under the title Chorographia,...


  15. JOHNSON, John, and James Duffield HARDING.

    The costumes of the French Pyrenees, drawn on stone by J. D. Harding, from original...

    London, James Carpenter & Son, 1832.

    First edition of this attractive and very scarce costume book. ‘The individual figures were all taken from nature during a tour through the French Pyrenées in 1825, and the backgrounds, which are faithful representations of the scenery, limited however from the size of the paper, though taken at the...


  16. HONAN, Michael Burke.

    The court and camp of Don Carlos; being the results of a late tour in the Basque provinces, and parts of...

    London, John Macrone, 1845.

    First edition; rare. The author, who was born in Limerick, was a correspondent for the Morning Herald. He departed London in November 1835, ‘having determined to visit the camp of Don Carlos, and to ascertain by personal observation the actual state of the war in the Basque provinces’ (p....


  17. [BARSANTI, Pier Vincenzo.]

    Della futura rinnovazione de’ cieli e della terra e de’ suoi abitatori libri tre.

    [Florence,] Stamperia Bonducciana, 1780.

    First edition of this utopia by the Tuscan Dominican Pier Vincenzo Barsanti.


  18. [PASCOLI, Livio.] ‘Vilio LOCASPI’.

    Del modo di mantenere abolita la mendicità, discorso familiare.

    Verona, Mainardi, 1817.

    Only edition, very rare, of this proposal for the abolition of begging, and of poverty more broadly, by the poet and essayist Livio Pascoli.


  19. POCOCKE, Richard.

    A Description of the East, and some other Countries.

    London: W. Bowyer for the Author, [‘and sold by J. and P. Knapton, W. Innys, W. Meadows, G. Hawkins, S. Birt, T. Longman, C. Hitch, R. Dodsley,...

    First edition, demy folio issue. The traveller and cleric Pococke (1704-1765), was educated at Corpus Christi College, Oxford, and graduated BA in 1725, BCL in 1731, and DCL in 1733. His family’s ecclesiastical connexions and his facility at navigating the complexities of clerical patronage enabled...


  20. KERKHERDERE, Jan Gerard.

    De situ Paradisi Terrestris ... Praecedit... conatus novus de Cepha reprehenso ex Galatarum secundo capite.

    Louvain, Martin van Overbeke, 1729.

    First edition. Kerkherdere addresses the question of the location of the Garden of Eden, the earthly Paradise, accompanying his conjecture with a map engraved by P. E. Boultats of Antwerp; the perusal of various sources, geographical studies and toponymic considerations lead the author, an Imperial historian,...