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  1. JONSON, Ben.

    The Masque of Queenes. With the Designs of Inigo Jones.

    London: The King’s Printers, 1930.

    Limited to 350 copies, this no. 21 of 188 ‘for sale in the British Empire’. The Masque of Queenes was both a momentous collaboration of Ben Jonson (text), Inigo Jones (‘invention’ and setting) and Alfonso Ferrabosco II (music), and a defining moment of historic performance: it was...


  2. KEYNES, Florence Ada.

    By-Ways of Cambridge History. Second Edition with Additional Chapters on the Drama in Cambridge.

    Cambridge: W. Heffer and Sons, 1956.

    Second, revised and enlarged edition. Florence Keynes, social and political activist, studied at Newnham College Cambridge and married (John) Neville Keynes (1852-1949), with whom she had three children: economist John Maynard Keynes, surgeon and bibliographer Geoffrey Langdon Keynes, and social...


  3. PALLADIO, Andrea.

    Palladio’s Homes. Andrea Palladio on the Placing and Building of Villas he Designed, here Brought together...

    Hinton Charterhouse, Bath: The Old School Press, 2009.

    First edition, no. 53 of 170 copies signed by Rapp, Rybczynski, and Ould. This finely-produced work on Andrea Palladio’s architectural designs for homes reprints key chapters from Palladio’s I Quattro Libri dell’Architettura (1570) in parallel Italian and English rendering – the...


  4. ROLFE, Frederick William, styled Baron Corvo.

    The Venice Letters. Edited and with an Introduction by Cecil Woolf.

    London: Cecil & Amelia Woolf, 1974.

    First edition, no. 31 of 200 copies on Basingwerk Parchment. ‘“Oh, for exercise and slumber, long fasting and full meals. Oh to forget all my scruples and live a while in peace and freedom and for the moment only, in a place where all is absent which can stimulate to moral feeling. I am sick...


  5. RAVERAT, Gwen – Joanna SELBORNE and Lindsay M. NEWMAN.

    Gwen Raverat, Wood Engraver.

    London: British Library, 2003.

    First trade edition, revised and with a new preface. This ‘in-depth assessment’ of Gwendolen Mary Raverat (1885-1957) as a wood engraver was first published in a limited edition of 300 copies in 1996, and then revised and enlarged for this edition. Illustrated throughout, it contains a detailed...


  6. RAVERAT, Gwen – Frances SPALDING.

    Gwen Raverat: Friends, Family and Affections.

    London: Harvill, 2001.

    First edition. The first full biography of Gwen Raverat, covering her life from her childhood in late-Victorian Cambridge through her friendship with members of the Bloomsbury group, Stanley Spencer and Rupert Brooke, and her marriage to Jacques Raverat, to her old age at the Old Granary on the...



    Susanna Whatman; Her Housekeeping Book. Introduced by Thomas Balston.

    Cambridge: ‘The Printer of the University of Cambridge, 1952’.

    First edition, one of 250 copies, ‘printed for presentation to the friends of the Printer of the University of Cambridge’. The daughter of a Huguenot exile, Susanna Bosanquet (1753-1814) married the celebrated paper maker James Whatman II in 1776, and lived with him first at Turkey Court,...



    AGA COOKER DIVISION. The Aga Recipe Book for 2 Oven Cookers [titled thus on upper board].

    [Sunbury-on-Thames: Allied Ironfounders Limited. Aga Cooker Division], [c. 1956].

    A cookbook probably issued with Agas purchased in c. 1956. Its sections cover sauces, soups and stock, fish, meat, meat dishes, meat and pastry dishes, poultry and game, vegetables, sweets, pastry, savouries and supper dishes; bread, scones and yeast cakes; biscuits, small cakes and pastries,...


  9. DAWSON, Charles.

    Success with Hogs.

    Chicago: Forbes & Company, 1920.

    [?]Second edition. The conductor, musicologist and keyboard player Christopher Hogwood (1941-2014) acquired a small collection of books on hogs and other pig-like creatures, in a whimsical reference to his surname. This book on husbandry was written by the son of H.C. Dawson, ‘one of the originators...


  10. RAFFALD, E.

    The Experienced English Housekeeper, for the Use and Ease of Ladies, Housekeepers, Cooks, &c. … A New Edition. In...

    London and Manchester: R. & W. Dean for ‘All the Booksellers and R. & W. Dean’, 1807.

    ‘New Edition’. A posthumous edition of Raffald’s celebrated Experienced English Housekeeper, which was issued in 15 authorised editions between 1769 and 1810, and some 25 spurious ones, including this: not only does it not bear a facsimile of her signature on the first leaf of the text proper,...


  11. [RUNDELL, Maria Eliza].

    A New System of Domestic Cookery; Formed upon Principles of Economy. And Adapted to the Use of Private...

    London and Edinburgh: W. Wilson for John Murray, J. Harding and A. Constable & Co., 1807.

    ‘New’ [?third] edition. Maria Eliza Rundell (née Ketelby, 1745-1828), was the anonymous author of this, the most popular book on cookery, medicinal remedies and household management of the early 19th century. Upon becoming a widow in 1795, Rundell placed her two youngest daughters into the care...


  12. ACTON, Eliza.

    Modern Cookery, for Private Families, Reduced to a System of Easy Practice in a Series of Carefully Tested Receipts,...

    London: Woodfall and Kinder for Longman, Green, and Co., 1875.

    New edition. The schoolteacher, poet, and cookery writer Eliza Acton (1799-1859) published a number of poems as a young woman, and ‘[i]n 1837 [...] [h]er publishers, Longmans, suggested she should write something more practical than poetry so, for the next few years, she applied herself to meticulous...


  13. [BALLARD, Robert.]

    VII. livre d’airs de differents autheurs à deux parties.

    Paris, Robert Ballard, 1664.

    First edition; very rare. This is the seventh instalment in the remarkable series Livres d’airs de differents autheurs à deux parties which had been initiated by the music publisher Robert Ballard (III) in 1658 and which was to end, thirty-seven volumes later, in 1694.


  14. BERLIOZ, Hector.

    Mémoires . . . comprenant ses voyages en Italie, en Allemagne, en Russie et en Angleterre 1803–1865. Avec un...

    Paris, Michel Lévy, 1870.

    First edition, a fine copy in entirely original condition in the original wrappers. Berlioz’s colourful autobiography reads like a work of literature and remains the principle source for his life. This posthumous first edition of the Mémoires was preceded by excerpts which were serialised in Le Monde...


  15. BLANCHET, Joseph.

    L’art, ou les principes philosophiques du chant. IIe edition, corrigée et augmentée.

    Paris, Augustin-Martin Lottin, Michel Lambert and Nicolas-Bonaventure Duchesne, 1756.

    First edition. The designation ‘IIe edition, corrigée et augmentée’ on the title arises from the publication in 1755 of L’art du chant, dedié a Madame de Pompadour by Jean-Antoine Bérard, whom Blanchet accuses of incorporating his material. The two works certainly include many passages which...


  16. [GLUCK, Christoph Willibald.]

    Paride ed Elena. Dramma per musica . . . dedicato a sua altezza, il Signor Duca Don Giovanni di Braganza.

    Vienna, Johann Thomas von Trattner, 1770.

    First edition of Gluck’s Paride ed Elena, which tells the story of events between the judgment of Paris and the flight of Paris and Helen to Troy. It was premiered at the Burgtheater in Vienna on 3 November 1770.


  17. [GRIEG, Edvard.] FINCK, Henry Theophilus.

    Edvard Grieg.

    London, John Lane, The Bodley Head, [1905].

    First edition of Finck’s biography of Grieg, inscribed by both Edvard and Nina Grieg on the front free endpaper and dated (in Nina Grieg’s hand) ‘London 25-5-06’. Beneath these inscriptions is a note by the book’s publisher John Lane: ‘The above autographs were written by my desire in my...


  18. [KING, William].

    The Art of Cookery, in Imitation of Horace’s Art of Poetry. With some Letters to Dr. Lister, and Others: Occasion’d...

    London: Bernard Lintott, [1708].

    First authorised edition. The Art of Cookery, a satire on Horace’s De arte poetica, was written by William King (1663-1712), first king’s scholar at Westminster School and king’s student at Christ Church, Oxford, and then a student of civil law. ‘At Oxford he read widely but, as...


  19. [KITCHINER, William].

    The Cook’s Oracle; Containing Receipts for Plain Cookery on the Most Economical Plan for Private Families...

    London and Edinburgh: James Moyes for A. Constable & Co. and Hurst, Robinson, & Co., 1823.

    Fifth edition. A curious classic of the early nineteenth-century canon of cookery books, the first edition of The Cook’s Oracle was published under the title of Apicius Redevivus, or The Cook’s Oracle in 1817. Later simply known as The Cook’s Oracle, this work gathers recipes...



    The Traveller’s Oracle; or, Maxims for Locomotion: Containing Precepts for Promoting the Pleasures and Hints for...

    London: Henry Colburn, 1828.

    Third edition. Kitchiner’s self-styled profession of medicine not only informed his cookery books, but also his other treatises, such as this one on the peculiarities of travel, its effects on the human body, and on ways of anticipating and controlling the same. Originally published in September 1827...