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  1. ZUNTZ, Nathan, and others.

    Höhenklima und Bergwanderungen in ihrer Wirkung auf den Menschen. Ergebnisse experimenteller Forschungen...

    Berlin, Bong & Co., 1906.

    First edition. An exhaustive study of the effects of high altitude, cold and physical exertion on the muscles and respiratory system. The numerous tables contain detailed scientific observations carried out on the authors during their ascents of Monte Rosa and the Rothorn. These mountains are the subjects...


  2. [JOYCE.] ROTH, Samuel [Edits.].

    Two Worlds – A Literary Quarterly Devoted to the Increase of the Gaiety of Nations.

    New York: Sign of the Mockigrisball, 1925.

    First edition. Unnumbered, one of 500, of which 450 numbered copies were designated for subscribers. Between September 1925 and September 1926 Two Worlds published installments of Joyce’s ‘Work in Progress’ (Finnegan’s Wake), reprinted from European publications (in this case from Criterion,...


  3. ZUCKERKANDL, Robert.

    Die Währungsänderung in Britisch-Indien.

    [Vienna and Prague, F. Tempski, and Leipzig, G, Freytag, c. 1894]

    First edition of this rare paper, offprinted from Zeitschrift für Volkswirtschaft, Socialpolitik und Verwaltung, volume III, issue I, on the changes of the Indian currency against the silver and gold prices. From 1873 the value of the Rupee sank considerably, leading to the British government of India’s...


  4. [ESZTERGOM, Siege of.]

    Kurtzer Bericht von der eroberten Stadt und Vestung Graan, sambt denen Accords-Puncten welche nach 4 tägiger...

    Regensburg, Paul Dalnsteiner, [1683].

    A rare newsletter relating the siege of Esztergom (Gran), the old primatial see of Hungary which had been in Turkish hands since 1605. ‘The Turkish grand vizir Kara Mustafa Pasha had failed in dismal fashion in the unforgettable siege of Vienna (from 14 July to 12 September 1683), the Ottoman disaster...


  5. THOMSON, Rodney M.

    The Bury Bible.

    Woodbridge, Boydell Press, Tokyo, Yushodo Co., 2001.

    ‘Since the early years of the twentieth century, Cambridge, Corpus Christi College MS 2, the surviving remnant of the “Bury Bible”, has been recognized as a distinguished representative of the small number of extant English “great bibles” of the twelfth century, and as a chef d’oeuvre of...


  6. ODO, Bishop of Cambrai.

    Expositio canonis misse a dnomino [sic] odone cameracensi episcopo edita.

    (Colophon:) Paris, Guy Marchant, 16 August 1490.

    Very rare first edition of Odo’s twelfth-century treatise on the canon of the Mass, printed ‘in domo regalis collegii nauarre in campo gaillardi’ by Guy Marchant. Seven further editions appeared before 1500, including four more by Marchant. This copy has the misprint ‘dnomino’ in the title,...


  7. OCLAND, Christopher.

    Anglorum praelia, ab Anno Domini. 1327. anno nimirum primo inclytissimi Principis Eduardi eius nominis tertii,...

    London, Henry Bynneman for Ralph Newbery, 1582.

    First published in 1580, this is one of three closely similar 1582 editions of Ocland’s Anglorum proelia which add two works at the end: Ocland’s Eirēnarchia (a continuation of Anglorum proelia first published in 1582) and Alexander Neville’s account of the 1549 Norfolk rising, De furoribus Norfolciensium...


  8. FISHER, John.

    Sacri sacerdotii defensio contra Lutherum.

    Cologne, [Hero Fuchs for] Peter Quentel, 1525.

    RUPERT, of Deutz. De divinis officiis libri XII. [Cologne, Frans Birckmann,] 1526.


  9. [RICHEOME, Louis].

    La vérité defendue pour la religion catholique. En la cause des Iesuites, contre le Plaidoyé d’Antoine...

    Toulouse, Veuve de Jacques Colomiez, 1595.

    First edition of Richeome’s vindication of the Jesuits against the charges made by Antoine Arnaud in his famous defence of the University of Paris in 1594. Richeome (1544-1625), known as the ‘French Cicero’, was one of the leading French Catholic controversialists of his age and played a crucial...


  10. HOOFT, Pieter Corneliszoon.

    Emblemata amatoria. Afbeeldinghen van minne. Emblemes d’amour.

    Amsterdam, Willem Janszoon Blaeu, 1611.

    First edition, complete with the rare accompanying collection of sonnets and songs (pp. 73–144), of one of the most important emblem books of the Dutch Golden Age and a masterpiece of Dutch literature by the prolific poet and dramatist Pieter Corneliszoon Hooft (1581–1648). All the emblems, illustrated...


  11. [BLASPHEMY.]

    Handlu[n]g eynes Ersamen weysen Rats zu Nürmberg, von dem grossen laster der Gotsschwür und zutrinckens, verpotten.

    [Altenburg, Gabriel Kantz,] 1526.

    First edition, very rare. A short pamphlet against blasphemy and drunkenness printed at a small press in Germany at the beginning of the Reformation.


  12. CASSIAN, John, monk.

    De institutis coenobiorum [together with:] Collationes Patrum.

    Basel, [Johann Amerbach], after 24 September 1485.

    HUGO DE SANCTO VICTORE. De sacramentis Christianae fidei. Strasbourg, [Printer of the 1483 Jordanus de Quedlinburg (Georg Husner)], 30 July 1485.



    De arte loquendi et tacendi.

    Ingolstadt, [Printer of Celtis ‘Epitoma’ (?Johann Kachelofen), c. 1492.]

    Very rare Ingolstadt edition of this treatise on the art of speech, the most influential work of the thirteenth-century Brescian causidicus, Albertano.


  14. WOOLF, Virginia.

    The Common Reader.

    London: R. & R. Clark, Limited for Leonard and Virginia Woolf at the Hogarth Press, 1925.

    First editions. Dedicated to Lytton Strachey, The Common Reader collected the revised texts of twenty-four critical essays which had previously appeared in journals, and prefaced them with a new essay from which the collection took its title. The work was published in an edition of 1,250 copies...


  15. ATTWATER, Aubrey L.

    Pembroke College, Cambridge: A Short History ... Edited with an Introduction and Postscript by S.C. Roberts.

    Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1936.

    First edition. Classicist Aubrey Attwater’s (1892-1935) Short History is a standard work on Pembroke College and its history, and was completed after Attwater’s premature death by Roberts, using Attwater’s research materials. The book covers Pembroke’s foundation, the medieval and Reformation...


  16. AVEDON, Richard and Harold ROSENBERG.


    Paris: Editions du Chêne, 1976.

    First French edition. Richard Avedon’s famous portraits of influential figures, published in French in the same year as the first edition, complete with the loosely-inserted sheet of caption translations. Avedon’s images depict writers including Ezra Pound, Gabriel García Márquez and Truman Capote;...


  17. ‘CARROLL, Lewis’ [i.e. Charles Lutwidge DODGSON] – Falconer MADAN, editor.

    The Lewis Carroll Centenary in London 1932....

    London: The University Press, Oxford for Messrs. J. & E. Bumpus, Ltd, 1932.

    First edition, no. 320 of 400 copies, early issue. Edited by the bibliographer, librarian, and Carroll scholar Madan (1851-1935), this volume was published on 28 June 1932, and includes a catalogue of the centenary exhibition, together with other related material. The limited edition also includes...


  18. CHAMFORT, Sébastien-Roch-Nicolas de.

    Maxims and Considerations ... Translated, with an Introduction, by E. Powys Mathers.

    Waltham Saint Lawrence, Berkshire: Golden Cockerel Press, 1926.

    First complete English edition, no. 341 of 550 sets. The French writer Chamfort (?1740-1794) had been an ardent supporter of the democratic ideals of the French Revolution, but his contrary nature and the ascent of Marat and Robespierre turned him into an outspoken critic of the latter phases...



    The Cambridgeshire Domesday. [Introduction and Translation]....

    London: Alecto Historical Editions, 1990-1988.

    The County Edition. As the ‘great survey’ of England and Wales produced in 1086, commissioned for tax assessment of the land and its resources by William the Conqueror soon after his invasion of England, the Domesday Book preserves much useful information about the agricultural and architectural...


  20. EVELYN, John.

    Memoires for my Grand-son … Transcribed and Furnished with a Preface and Notes by Geoffrey Keynes.

    London: Oxford University Press for The Nonesuch Press, ‘1926’ [but 1927].

    First edition, second (first published) issue, no 578 of 1250 copies. As Keynes explains in his preface, Evelyn began writing his Memoires in 1704, when his grandson was twenty-two (since Evelyn’s son had predeceased him, his grandson, also John Evelyn, would inherit the family estates)....