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  1. [MENDHAM, Thomas].

    The wonder working Water-Mill displayed with its Apparatus, Appurtenances, Appendages, and Operations; or, the...

    Norwich: Printed by Crouse and Stevenson for the Author, and Yarington and Bacon, Norwich; and by giving Orders may be had of any Other Bookseller...

    First and only edition, very rare, of this eccentric, provincially printed allegory: Pilgrim’s Progress meets Tristram Shandy.


  2. NEW PLAN (A)

    to save the State. Addressed to the Ladies. By a Gentleman of the University of Cambridge.

    London, Printed for the Author, and sold by J. Dodsley … and Messrs T. and J. Merril, at Cambridge. 1779.

    First edition, a scarce anonymous plea against vice, in verse. Beset by both the Americans and the French (‘ere one enemy’s subdu’d / Another thirsts for English blood’), England is in need of a reformation of manners, to be led by womankind:


  3. PUZZLEWELL, Peter, pseud.

    The Phœnix; or, a choice Collection of Riddles and Charades …

    London: Printed for J. Harris and Son … [c. 1820].

    First edition thus, a very scarce illustrated collection of riddles and charades, abridged from an earlier Newbery publication. The charming illustrations throughout, new to this edition, make the work a sort of children’s emblem book. Written solutions are also included at the end. A contemporary...


  4. R., N.

    Proverbs English, French, Dutch, Italian and Spanish. All Englished and alphabetically digested …

    London, Printed for Simon Miller … 1659.

    First and only edition of a scarce collection of idiomatic phrases and proverbs, many translated from other languages, with a selection of 114 ‘Golden sentences’ at the end.


  5. SANDYS, George.

    A Paraphrase upon the Psalmes of David and upon the Hymnes dispersed throughout the Old and New Testaments …

    London … 1636.

    First edition, a fine copy of these psalm paraphrases by the poet and adventurer George Sandys (1578-1644) who was hailed by Dryden as ‘the best versifier’ of his age.


  6. [SKORY, Edmund, attributed author].

    The Copie of a Letter written from Paris, the 20. of May 1610. Declaring the Maner of the Execution...

    Imprinted [by Robert Barker for John Budge] at Britaine Burse. And are there to be sold. Anno 1610.

    First edition, scarce. ‘Good King Henri’ IV, the first Bourbon king of France, was a religious moderate best known for his promulgation of the Edict of Nantes in 1598. Guaranteeing religious liberty to Protestants earned him many enemies however, including the Catholic zealot François Ravaillac,...


  7. TANNER, Anodyne, M.D., pseud.

    The Life of the late celebrated Mrs. Elizabeth Wisebourn, vulgarly call’d Mother Wybourn; containing...

    London: Printed for A. Moore … [1721?]

    First edition of a scurrilous account of Elizabeth Wisebourn[e], a famous bawd, and the goings-on in the gilded apartments of her elegant London brothel in Drury-Lane. Born in 1653 and educated in Rome under the tuition of a Lady Abbess to whom ‘she ow’d all that she knew of her Business’, Elizabeth...


  8. TENNYSON, Alfred, Lord.

    Timbuctoo. A Poem, which obtained the Chancellor’s Medal at the Cambridge Commencement, 1829. [Cambridge,...


    First editions. Timbuctoo, extracted from Prolusiones Academicae, is Tennyson’s first named appearance in print. It is bound here with the rare Memoir of Henry Fitzmaurice Hallam, the second son of the historian Henry Hallam. His brother Arthur had died in 1833 at the age of 22,...


  9. LINCOLN, Mary Johnson Bailey [‘Mrs D.A.’].

    Carving and Serving.

    Boston, MA: University Press: John Wilson and Son for Roberts Brothers, 1890.

    Early reprint. Carving and Serving was one of the many cookery and food-related publications by Mary Johnson Bailey Lincoln (1844-1921), a famous teacher at The Boston Cooking School. It was first published in 1886, two years after Mrs Lincoln’s very popular Boston Cook Book, which was...


  10. [LÖFFLER, Friederike Luise].

    Neues Kochbuch oder geprüfte Anweisung zur schmackhaften Zubereitung der Speisen, des Backwerks...

    Stuttgart: Johann Friedrich Steinkopf, 1806.

    Fourth, revised and augmented edition. Friederike Luise Löffler (1744-1805), the anonymous author of this cookbook and its sequel (first issued in 1791 and 1804 respectively), was housekeeper and cook at the court of Duke Carl Eugen von Württemberg. Her Neues Kochbuch was the first publication...


  11. MACKENZIE, Colin.

    Five Thousand Receipts in all the Useful and Domestic Arts, Constituting a Complete and Universal Practical Library,...

    London: G. Sidney for Sir Richard Phillips and Co., 1823.

    First edition. An early nineteenth-century collection of household recipes by Colin Mackenzie, the author of One Thousand Experiments in Manufactures and Chemistry, this work is as emblematic of the contemporary enthusiasm for public science education, as it is ambitious in its aim: ‘if...


  12. MASON, C.

    The Ladies’ Assistant for Regulating and Supplying the Table; being a Complete System of Cookery, &c. … Originally...

    London: J. Walter, 1793.

    Seventh edition. Published twenty years after its first appearance, this edition of Charlotte Mason’s The Ladies’ Assistant includes the Appendix to Mrs. Mason’s Cookery, &c. which had first been printed at the same time as the third edition of 1777.


  13. [MENON].

    The Professed Cook: Or the Modern Art of Cookery, Pastry, and Confectionary, Made Plain and Easy. Consisting of the Most...

    Davis and T. Caslon, 1769.

    Second English edition. Originally published as The Art of Modern Cookery Displayed in two volumes in 1767, The Professed Cook is a translation of the cookbook Les soupers de la cour; ou, L’art de travailler toutes sortes d’alimens (1755); Les soupers had been written...


  14. GRIFFITHS, Anselm John.

    Observations on some points of seamanship; with practical hints on naval oeconomy . . . The whole profits...

    Cheltenham, printed by J. J. Hadley, 1824.

    First edition. The Observations was written in 1811 when the author was captain of the Leonidas frigate and is based on his experience of a wartime navy during the Napoleonic Wars. ‘As its title suggests, the book is mainly concerned with matters of seamanship but contains many notes...


  15. [BRUNEL, Antoine de.]

    A journey into Spain.

    London, printed for Henry Herringman, 1670.

    First edition in English. A free and abridged translation of Voyage d’Espagne curieux, historique et politique, first published anonymously in 1665. Setting out from the Netherlands in 1651 in the company of François van Aerssen, Brunel toured France, Germany and Italy before travelling to...


  16. MONETA, José Manuel, and Robert Keith HEADLAND, ed..

    Four Antarctic Years in the South Orkney Islands: an Annotated Translation...

    London, Bernard Quaritch Ltd, 2017.

    One man’s fascinating record of four winters in the Antarctic during the 1920s, the period of transition from the isolation of the Heroic Age to the beginnings of radio communication with the world outside.