Medieval Manuscripts

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  1. BIBLE,

    in Latin, Deuteronomy 11,24–12,30 and 13,1–14,29; an almost complete leaf written in a good rounded romanesque hand...

    A very large folio leaf from an Italian giant or ‘Atlantic’ Bible. This genre of romanesque Bible originated in Rome in the mid-eleventh century; the production and diffusion were no doubt due in part to the clerical reforms under Popes Leo IX and Gregory VII. In the early twelfth century manuscript...



    Manuscript letter, in Latin, from the Abbot of St. Aegidius, Nuremberg, complaining about the actions of...

    St. Aegidius fell under the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the archbishopric of Bamberg, and the letter is a somewhat exasperated account of the archbishop’s efforts to extract taxation from the monastery (on account of its imperial ‘regalia’) and the abbot’s refusal to allow any such thing....



    Homiliae in Evangelia, book I, homily 2, from the beginning to near the end of verse 2, a single leaf, single...

    From a well-written manuscript of Gregory the Great’s Homilies on the Gospels, preached most probably during the liturgical year 590–1 and published the following year.



    including the lives of Saints Rufina and Secunda (10 July; Bibliotheca Hagiographica Latina no. 7359)

    Italy, c. 1100–1120.

    A complete leaf from a very handsome large folio Passionale, containing the series of lections from the Lives or Acts of the Saints read at Matins on their feast days.



    Two documents in Spanish on the same sheet, concerning the sale of property by Alvar Gil to Diego...

    Spain (Santibáñez de Béjar), October 1420.

    The documents concern the sale of a house, winepress (‘lagar’), smaller winepress (‘lagareta’), tank (‘pilo’) and cellar (‘bodegas’) by Alvar Gil, tailor (‘alfayate’), to Diego de Çervantes, who is described as the servant of Fernando Bachiller, prior of the monastery of Our Lady...