Recent Acquisitions

  1. BERNIER DE MALIGNY, Aristippe-Félix. 

    Art du comédien.  Principes généraux.  Recueillis et mis en ordre par Aristippe, 1819. 

    Paris, Louis Raymond, [1819]. 

    Very rare broadside encapsulating the ‘art of the actor’, by the thespian and theoretician Aristippe-Félix Bernier de Maligny, who would later develop his ideas further in his 1826 book Théorie de l’art du comédien. 


  2. [ABC.]

    Petite géographie amusante abécédaire nouveau offrant pour chaque lettre de l’alphabet une carte coloriée avec l’explication...

    Paris, P.-C. Lehuby, [1851].

    A charming and very rare ABC intended to teach children European geography, from A for Allemagne to Z for Zara in Dalmatia, published just a few years after the upheavals of the revolutions of 1848.


  3. STRICKLAND, Hugh Edwin, and A. 

    G. MELVILLE.  The Dodo and its Kindred; or, the History, Affinities and Osteology of the Dodo,...

    London: Reeve, Benham, and Reeve … 1848. 

    An extra-illustrated family copy of the first scientific monograph on the dodo, and a related flightless bird, the Rodrigues solitaire, with the bookplates of the author and his father.


  4. STADIUS, Johannes. 

    Ephemerides novae et auctae Ioannis Stadii … ab anno 1554 ad annum 1576 … 

    Cologne, heirs of Arnold Birckmann, 1560. 

    Second edition (first 1556) of Stadius’s important Ephemerides, providing the positions of heavenly bodies in the sky between the years 1554 and 1576, this copy with interesting annotations by a contemporary German schoolmaster, a former pupil of Melanchthon.


  5. SIMMONS, Owen. 

    The Book of Bread.  [Deluxe issue]. 

    London, Maclaren & Sons, [1903]. 

    2) 4to, pp. 360, with 12 chromolithographic plates (of which 4 on a vibrant blue background), 8 photomechanical plates on navy blue card with printed captions, and 2 silver bromide prints tipped in on green card leaves with printed captions; a further 6 half-tone photographic illustrations printed in...


  6. MANFREDI, Girolamo; Pedro de RIBAS, translator

    Libro llamado El porque provechosissimo para la conservacion de la salud,...

    Alcalá de Henares, Juan Iñiguez de Lequerica, 1587 [colophon: Hernan Ramirez, 1589]. 

    Extremely rare early edition of Pedro de Ribas’s Spanish translation of Girolamo Manfredi’s popular Liber de Homine, first published in 1567. 


  7. CELLINI, Benvenuto. 

    Vita di Benvenuto Cellini orefice e scultore fiorentino da lui medesimo scritta, nella quale molte curiose...

    ‘Cologne’ [i.e. Florence], ‘Pietro Martello’ [i.e. Bartolini], [1792]. 

    The counterfeit edition of Benvenuto Cellini’s seminal autobiography, extra-illustrated with two large engravings illustrating his ‘Perseus and Medusa’ and the ‘Hercules and Cacus’ of his rival sculptor Bandinelli. 


  8. [LE NOBLE, Pierre, and Eustache LE NOBLE (attributed).] 

    Les Amours d’Anne d’Austriche, Epouse de Louis 13. ...

    ‘A Cologne, Chez Pierre Marteau, 1696’ [France, early eighteenth century]. 

    An early manuscript copy of a salacious – and treasonous – history arguing that Louis XIV was the illegitimate child of Anne of Austria and Cardinal Richelieu, bound with four engravings. 


  9. [ZATTA, Antonio.] 

    Il filosofo del nord, ovvero Corso di morale filosofia. 

    ‘Londra’ [i.e. Venice], [Zatta], 1788. 

    First edition under this title of this course of moral philosophy, broadly construed, in which the author attempts to invoke the authority of the ‘philosophers of the North’ (inter alia Hobbes, Bacon, Clark, and Addison on one side of the English Channel, Bayle, Pascal, La Mettrie, Grotius,...


  10. CLÜVER, Philipp.

    Introductio in universam geographiam tam veterem, quam novam …

    Wolfenbüttel, Caspar Johann Bismarck for Conrad Buno, 1686.

    The 1686 edition of perhaps the most important geographical textbook of the early modern period, an introduction to global geography by the German antiquarian and geographical pioneer Philipp Clüver, enlarged and supplemented by the German geographer Johann Buno.



    Primi principi della gramatica Turca ad uso dei missionari apostolici di Costantinopoli ...

    Rome, stamperia della Sac. Congr. di Prop. Fide, 1794.

    The first complete Ottoman Turkish grammar published in Italian, compiled by the Catholic Armenian dragoman Cosimo Comidas de Carbognano (translator to Count de Ludolf, minister of the Two Sicilies to the Ottoman Porte in the late eighteenth century) and published by the Sacra Congregatio de Propaganda...


  12. TYRE, William, Archbishop of, and Giuseppe OROLOGGI (translator).

    Historia della guerra sacra di Gierusalemme,...

    Venice, Vincenzo Valgrisi, 1562.

    First Italian edition of William of Tyre’s (1130–1186) important account of the first two crusades and of the Kingdom of Jerusalem, with the addition of a seventeenth-century manuscript detailing a uniquely Italian rendition of the tale of the Wandering Jew.


  13. [LA ROCHE, Sophie von.] 

    Geschichte des Fräuleins von Sternheim.  Von einer Freundin derselben aus Original-Papieren und andern...

    Leipzig, bey Weidmanns Erben und Reich, 1771. 

    First edition of Sophie von La Roche’s first novel, a best seller which brought her fame and recognition throughout Germany, and was translated into French, English, Russian and Dutch.  It became a pattern for the genre of the epistolary novel in Germany, and has even been cited as a forerunner...


  14. [DAGUERRE.] MAYER & PIERSON [after Charles Richard MEADE.]

    Carte-de-visite albumen print portrait of Louis Daguerre.

    Paris, late 1860s.

    In 1848 the pioneering American photographer Charles Richard Meade secured the commission for which he is now best known, a series of daguerrotypes of the medium’s founding father Louis Jaques Mandé Daguerre. The five images, known as the white-tie series to distinguish them from other portraits,...


  15. PORTA, Giambattista della.

    De humana physiognomonia … libri IIII; qui ab extimis, quae in hominum corporibus conspiciuntur signis,...

    Hanau, Wilhelm Antonius for [Frankfurt,] Peter Fischer, 1593.

    The second Latin edition and the first to be published in Germany of this richly illustrated work on physiognomy by the Italian polymath Giambattista della Porta (1535–1615), a beautiful copy in strictly contemporary German white calf.


  16. [BIBLE, Ecclesiasticus.]

    Σοφια Σειραχ sive Ecclesiasticus, Graece ad exemplar Romanum, et Latine ex interpretatione...

    Franeker, Gilles van den Rade, 1596.

    First editions of two scholarly works by the distinguished Flemish theologian and orientalist Joannes Drusius (1550–1616), who served as professor of oriental languages at Oxford and Leiden, and then of Hebrew at Franeker.


  17. MILL, John Stuart, and Nikolai Gavrilovich CHERNYSHEVSKY, translator.

    Osnovaniia politicheskoi ekonomii s nekotorymi...

    St. Petersburg, [n.p.], 1865.

    First complete edition of Mill’s Principles in Russian, translated by the economist, nihilist and social critic Nikolai Chernyshevsky (1828-1889), ‘corrected and expanded from the most recent (fifth) edition of Mill’s book, published in 1864 in New York’ (‘From the publisher’, our...


  18. [PRIMER.] 

    Nouvel alphabet en français, divisé par syllabes. 

    Orléans, ‘Chez Berthevin, libraire’, [c. 1820]. 

    An unrecorded Orléans-printed devotional primer, including litanies to the Christ Child (with vertically-printed refrains) and the duties of children toward their parents. 


  19. [CATECHISM.]

    A B C D … Orazione Dominicale … Salutazione Angelica …

    Bologna, [Ferdinando Pisarri] ‘all’insegna di S. Antonio’, [early 1700s].

    An apparently unrecorded ABC and catechism for children, illustrated with small woodcuts, printed at Bologna in the early eighteenth century, most likely by Ferdinando Pisarri (1659–1737).


  20. [ROUSSEAU, Pierre.] 

    Considérations sur le théatre de l’opéra.  Novembre 1822. 

    [Paris,] de l’imprimerie de Rignoux, [1822].

    Very rare proposal for a new opera house in Paris by the architect Pierre Rousseau (1751–1829), annotated by the author and accompanied by an autograph letter.