Recent Acquisitions



    Oxford, John Henry Parker, 1847. 

    Exceptional copy, wholly interleaved and complemented with numerous manuscript annotations, of this Oxford edition of Sophocles’s Tragedies in the original Greek.  Though unnamed, the annotator reveals a thorough, well-trained and original mind.  Ajax, the first of the tragedies...


  2. EURIPIDES; Rev. J.R. MAJOR (editor). 

    The Medea of Euripides, from the Text and with a Translation of the Notes...

    London, Baldwin & Co., Longman & Co., and Whittaker & Co., 1829. 

    Student edition of Euripides’s Medea, interleaved and annotated with profuse translation notes by a contemporary university student of Greek at Balliol College. 


  3. VALERIUS Maximus; Stephanus PIGHIUS and Justus LIPSIUS (editors). 

    Dictorum factorumque memorabilium libri IX, infinitis...

    Leiden, Franciscus Raphelengius ‘ex officina Plantiniana’, 1594. 

    Fourth Plantin edition of Valerius Maximus’s compendium of anecdotes, one of the most popular Classical texts and an insightful source on Roman life.  Compiled in the early first century, the nine books of Facta et dicta memorabilia (‘Memorable deeds and sayings’) comprise anecdotes...


  4. PLINY the Elder

    Historia mundi, multo quam antehac unquam prodiit emaculatius [...] annotationibus eruditorum hominum...

    Basel, Johann Froben, March 1525. 

    First Froben edition of Pliny’s encyclopaedia, with a prologue by Erasmus and Hermolaus Barbarus’s commentary, given to Erasmus’s correspondent Bartholomaeus Latomus by his student and future patron, Johann Ludwig von Hagen. 


  5. DIODORUS Siculus. 

    Bibliothecae historicae libri XV.  Hoc est, quotquot Graece extant de quadraginta quorum quinque nunc primum...

    Basel, Heinrich Petri, August 1559. 

    Important edition, the first to be overseen by Sébastien Castellion, of Diodorus’s influential ‘Historical library’.  Although Diodorus’s text, published in Greek for the first time by Estienne in the same year, offers a history of the world from its inception until Caesar, it came down...


  6. GELLIUS, Aulus. 

    Noctium Atticarum commentaria per Bonfinem Asculanum summa nuper diligentia et studio recognita. 

    Venice, Giovanni Tacuino, 1517. 

    Second edition of Gellius’s opus with the commentary of philologist Matteo Bonfini (1441–1517), annotated throughout by a contemporary reader whose corrections and comments include references to the lectures of Paolo Bombasi as cited by Erasmus in the 1508 edition of the Adagia. 


  7. ARISTIDES, Aelius. 

    Orationum tomi tres, nunc primum latine versi a Gulielmo Cantero Ultraiectino.  Huc accessit orationum tomus...

    Basel, Peter Perna and Heinrich Petrus, 1566. 

    First edition in Latin, a remarkable copy once owned by one of the preeminent music theorists and composers of Renaissance Italy, Gioseffo Zarlino.  The translation was prepared from the Greek by the German scholar Wilhelm Canter (1542–1575), author of an acclaimed Syntagma, a systematic...


  8. WILLIAMS, William Carlos.

    Paterson [Books 1, 2, 3 & 4].

    Norfolk, New Classics, [1951].



  9. HUGHES, Langston. 

    Shakespeare in Harlem. 

    New York, Alfred A. Knopf, 1942.

    First edition of this wartime collection of poems, inscribed shortly after Hughes and Bridson met for the first time: ‘For Geoffrey Bridson, with the friendship, and regards of Langston Hughes. New York, January 28, 1944’.


  10. SALMADE, Mathieu Antoine. 

    Le livre des mères et des nourrices, ou instruction pratique sur la conservation des enfans … 

    Paris, Merlin, an IX (1801). 

    First edition, in an attractive binding for Madame de Montlouis, of this work on paediatrics and childcare by the French physician Mathieu Antoine Salmade (1766–1838), intended for mothers and nannies and covering the care of infants from birth to the age of four.  The first part deals with...


  11. GUALDI, Cesare [i.e. Gregorio LETI]. 

    Vita di Donna Olimpia Maldachini [sic] che governò la Chiesa, durante il...

    ‘Ragusa’ [i.e. Geneva], Giulio Giuli, 1676. 

    Scarce expanded edition of Gregorio Leti’s salacious life of Olimpia Maidalchini Pamphilij, the infamous sister-in-law of Innocent X dubbed ‘Pope Olimpia I’ for her extraordinary influence on the Papacy. 


  12. LEWIS, Wyndham.

    The Vulgar Streak.

    London, Robert Hale Ltd., 1941.

    First edition, first impression, a scarce work because of wartime paper shortages and, possibly, the destruction of a portion of the first impression in the Blitz; certainly Robert Hale’s offices were bombed and the records destroyed, and the work was reprinted within a month.


  13. LEWIS, Wyndham.

    The Revenge for Love.

    London, Cassell & Co. Ltd., [1937].

    First edition, very scarce in the dust-jacket, of ‘one of Lewis’s finest novels … a brilliant novel of character’ (Bridson, The Filibuster), set in pre-Civil War Spain and centred on an incident of Communist gun-running on the border. ‘Here for once, Communism is accepted as a...


  14. CELLINI, Benvenuto.

    Vita di Benvenuto Cellini orefice e scultore fiorentino da lui medesimo scritta, nella quale molte curiose...

    ‘Cologne’ [i.e. Florence], ‘Pietro Martello’ [i.e. Bartolini], [1792]. 

    The counterfeit edition of Benvenuto Cellini’s seminal autobiography, extra-illustrated with two large engravings illustrating his ‘Perseus and Medusa’ and the ‘Hercules and Cacus’ of his rival sculptor Bandinelli.


  15. [INTERSEX.]

    Three pamphlets.

    Paris, 1892–1920.

    A collection of rare French pamphlets on the subject of differences in sex development from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Two of the three pamphlets are doctoral theses, covering the social impact of differences in sex development, and persistent müllerian duct syndrome (‘tubular...



    The new weeks preparation for a worthy receiving of the Lord’s Supper, as recommended and appointed by...

    London, printed from the edition of the late Edwd. Wickstead, for T. Wilson and R. Spence, York, [c. 1780-1800?]. 

    An attractive copy of two later editions of these collections of prayers, hymns, meditations, and self-examinations, with a focus on Holy Communion. 


  17. DARRÉ, G.-G.

    ‘Conferences diaconales données par Mr l’abbé Darré, Vicaire Général au Grand-Séminaire d’Auch. Année...

    Auch, 1864.

    An attractively written manuscript of Abbé Darré’s practical manual for the use of young priests entering pastoral ministry, the text remaining unprinted, according to OCLC, until 1872.


  18. DE LUCA, Giovanni Battista. 

    Il Cardinale della S.R. Chiesa pratico di Gio. Battista de Luca nell’ozio Tusculano della Primavera...

    Rome, nella stamperia della Reverenda Camera Apostolica, 1680. 

    Scarce first edition of this thorough work on the cardinalate by the Italian jurist and cardinal De Luca (1614–1683).  De Luca studied and practiced law at Naples before moving to Rome in 1645, where he established his reputation as one of Italy’s pre-eminent jurists and worked closely with...



    Devotion au Sacré Coeur de Jesus, pour les confrères de l’un et de l’autre sexe, reçus...

    Toulouse, Jean-Henri Guillemette, 1757. 

    Very rare pocket-sized devotional manual for both male and female members of the Confraternity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus established at the fourteenth-century Convent of Saint-Pantaléon of the Canonesses Regular of Saint Augustine in Toulouse. 



    Aristotle’s Compleat and experience’d Midwife: in two Parts.  I. A Guide for Child-bearing...

    London: Printed, and sold by the Booksellers. 1711. 

    Second edition, very rare, apparently ‘translated’ (i.e. edited) by the self-trained popular empiric William Salmon, a prolific author of domestic medical treatises; some of the text is drawn from Nicholas Culpeper.