Recent Acquisitions

  1. RIDOLFI, Luca Antonio. 

    Aretefila, dialogo, nel quale da una parte sono quelle ragioni allegate, le quali affermano, lo amore...

    Lyons, Guillaume Rouillé, 1562. 

    Annotated copy, once owned by a music book collector, of the third edition (first 1557) of a remarkable Renaissance philosophical dialogue on the nature of love which marked the culmination of the very divisive ‘questione d’amore’ hotly debated in sixteenth-century literature. 


  2. [HOMILETIC.] 

    Meditations de la seconde annee. 

    [France, c. 1700.] 

    Apparently unpublished set of meditations for the Sundays in the Liturgical year running from the seventh to the twenty-fourth week after Pentecost, shedding light on tools and practices put in places in the homiletic art.  Themes range from reflections on the Eucharist, to consideration on mortality,...


  3. LEWIS, Wyndham.

    America and Cosmic Man.

    London and Brussels, Nicholas and Watson Ltd., [1948].

    First edition, second state binding as always (the first, in green cloth, was rejected by Lewis as ‘hideous’ and was used on only 3 trial copies). In hand by 1943, not finished until 1946 and then rejected by American publishers until it finally found a British home in 1948, America and Cosmic Man...


  4. LEWIS, Wyndham.

    The Revenge for Love.

    London, Cassell & Co. Ltd., [1937].

    First edition, very scarce in the dust-jacket, of ‘one of Lewis’s finest novels … a brilliant novel of character’ (Bridson, The Filibuster), set in pre-Civil War Spain and centred on an incident of Communist gun-running on the border. ‘Here for once, Communism is accepted as a...


  5. MITCHISON, Naomi; Wyndham LEWIS, illustrator.

    Beyond this Limit …

    [London,] Jonathan Cape, [1935].

    First edition. This was Lewis’s only collaboration with Mitchison but she arranged for the publication of his Left Wings over Europe the following year, and they remained friends until his death. 32 designs by Lewis served as the inspiration for Mitchison’s narrative.


  6. LEWIS, Wyndham.

    Doom of Youth …

    London, Chatto & Windus, 1932.

    First English edition, one of Lewis’s scarcest works (only 549 copies avoided destruction). Doom of Youth began life as a series of seven articles on youth politics in Time and Tide in June–July 1931, rounded off with a pair by G. K. Chesterton; it was expanded and first published...


  7. LEWIS, Wyndham.

    Time and Western Man.

    London, Chatto & Windus, 1927.

    First edition, first issue (on heavier paper), of Lewis’s ‘single most important philosophical work’ (Morrow & Lafourcade).


  8. LEWIS, Wyndham.

    The Caliph’s Design. Architects! Where is your Vortex?

    London, The Egoist Ltd., 1919.

    First edition, a pamphlet of art criticism, particularly an attack on ugly modern architecture; there is (rare) praise for Cézanne and Picasso. It was printed in an edition of 1000, of which 121 were distributed gratis and 84 eventually remaindered and returned to Lewis.


  9. [WALL, Thomas].

    A Second Christian Warning-Piece; wherein is shewed the first and chief Cause of Englands present Misery … Humbly...

    London, 1681-2.

    First edition, very rare, of a vehement anti-Catholic tract published in the context of the Exclusion Crisis; bound with the principal astrological work of John Holwell (a slightly imperfect copy).


  10. BEKE, Charles Tilstone.

    ‘Origines Biblicæ or Researches in Primeval History’

    London, 1832-4?

    The complete working and printer’s manuscript of Origines Biblicae (1834), the magnum opus of the traveller and geographer Charles Tilstone Beke (1800-1874), published in one volume (of an intended two, never completed) in 1834 by Parbury, Allen & Co.


  11. RIDDELL, John Leonard.

    On corpuscular permeation and the attendant phenomena, with application to physiology. Read before the Cincinnati...

    Offprint from Western Medical Gazette, a Monthly Journal devoted to Medicine and the Collatoral Sciences, vol. II, no. 12, April 1835.

    A presentation copy of this interesting paper on osmosis given by the author, the American microscopist and botanist John Leonard Riddell (1807–1865), to the eminent French physiologist Henri Dutrochet (1776–1847), with manuscript notes inserted.


  12. BUCKNILL, Charles.

    Notes from medical lectures.

    London, February – April 1798.

    A most interesting medical manuscript by one Charles Bucknill recording lectures given in 1798 by the Scottish anatomist Matthew Baillie (1761–1823) and the English obstetrician John Clarke (1758–1815). Bucknill – likely a forebear of the psychiatrist and mental health reformer Sir John...


  13. [CARACCIOLI, Louis Antoine de.] 

    Le Livre à la Mode. 

    ‘A Verte-Feuille, de l’Imprimerie du Printems, au Perroquet’ [?Liège, Jean-François Bassompierre, 1759]. 

    First and second issues, rarely obtainable as a pair, of this renowned experiment in ‘concept’ book design, printed wholly in green – with different degrees of success. 


  14. LANGEAC, Charlotte-Christine-Antoinette de Lénoncourt, Marquise de.

    A collection of letters relating to her business and...

    France, September 1783 - September 1784.

    A remarkable and revealing collection of letters providing a window onto the business and personal affairs of Charlotte-Christine-Antoinette de Lénoncourt, Marquise de Langeac, many dictated by her to a Dominican nun named Sister Eleonore.



    Alla società delle gentilissime signore di Moncalieri dilettanti del giuoco del tavolazzo. Sonetto bernesco-morale...

    Turin, Giacomo Fea, 1799.

    An unrecorded sonnet addressed to the Society of the Gentlewomen of Moncalieri, a town just south of Turin whose castle is one of the Savoy Residences, and in particular to the ‘Abbess’ of the society, by the corps of soldiers stationed in the town shortly after the Battle of Marengo.



    Policraticus, sive de nugis curialium, et vestigiis philosophorum, libri octo.  Accedit huic editioni eiusdem...

    Leiden, Joannes Maire, 1639. 

    Attractive Maire edition of the two principal works of the twelfth-century scholar, diplomat, and bishop of Chartres, John of Salisbury, both completed by 1159 and dedicated to Thomas Becket. 


  17. [PORTRAITS.]

    ‘Iconologie ou portraits des grands hommes’.

    ‘A Rouen, chès le frère l’aisné’, [compiled c. 1811].

    A charming collection of over one hundred eighteenth-century engraved portraits, including three mezzotints, featuring famous faces from French and European history across the arts, sciences, politics, military, clergy, royalty, and nobility, preceded by very interesting short manuscript biographies...



    A small archive of letters, photographs, and printed items.

    Leominster and London, 1954-1967.

    A most interesting and revealing collection of material connecting Christopher Sandford (1902–1983), proprieter of the Golden Cockerel Press between 1933 and 1959, and Jon Wynne-Tyson (1924–2020), who founded the Centaur Press in 1954.


  19. [CALVO, Michele.] 

    Vita, costumi, e morte di Michele Calvo, appellato de Castro, estratta dall’originale processo formato nella...

    [Pavia, 1763.] 

    First and only edition of this scarce account of the life and death of Michele Calvo, a student of theology who turned to a life of crime, executed for practicing as a priest using falsified documents as well as theft and multiple escapes from prison. 


  20. BERGK, Theodor (editor).

    Poetae Lyrici Graeci … Editio altera auctior et emendatior.

    Leipzig, Reichenbach for Williams & Norgate and David Nutt in London, 1853.

    Second enlarged edition, presented by the editor to his friend and fellow classicist Thomas Gaisford.