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Fine photographs and photobooks with an emphasis on the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. We stock images by recognised masters such as Hill & Adamson, Roger Fenton or Julia Margaret Cameron as well as more eclectic examples illustrating the range of formats and processes used in the early years of the medium. This might include fine daguerreotypes, complete photograph albums, carbon or platinum prints by known or amateur photographers.

We are also interested in the work of early travel photographers, particularly those in the Middle and Far East. From later periods we hold work by British photographers specialising in fine art and documentary photography including Alvin Langdon Coburn, J. Dudley Johnston, Bill Brandt and Raymond Moore. We represent Roger Mayne's estate and Mike Seaborne.

  1. RICCI, Giovanni and PORTA, Ercolano.

    Storia della missione francescana e del Vicariato Apostolico del Hunan meridionale dalle sue...

    Bologna, Stabilimenti tipografici riuniti, 1925.

    First and only edition of this history of the Franciscan Mission in South Hunan from its establishment to 1924, with particular attention to the persecution of the Christians during the Boxer Rebellion and the following years of restoration and progress of the mission. The appendix comprises letters,...


  2. RITTS, Herb.


    Boston, Bullfinch, 1999.

    First edition, second printing, first issued in 1996.


  3. SAMARAS, Lucas.


    New York, Aperture, 1987.

    First edition. Manipulated polaroids and surreal self-portraits, some made using an ultra-large 40x80 inch camera. The monograph was originally intended to accompany an exhibition at the Whitney before the show was pulled.


  4. SCOWEN & CO.

    Kigelia Pinnata,

    circa 1880s, printed 1890s.

    Charles Scowen arrived in Ceylon around 1873 and was initially an assistant to R. Edley, the Commission Agent in Kandy before opening a photographic studio around 1876. By 1885 his photography firm had studios in Colombo and Kandy. Scowen was a later arrival to Ceylon than Skeen and his work is less...


  5. [TAHITI.]

    Album of 21 silver gelatin prints relating to the construction of a new airport in Pape’ete.


    Fa’a’a Airport, just outside Papa’ete on Tahiti is the only international airport in French Polynesia, built on reclaimed land on the coral reef off-shore. Its construction in 1958-60 was directly connected with the French government’s nuclear weapons testing programme in the region, but gave...


  6. VAN MONCKHOVEN, Désiré.

    Traité d’optique photographique comprenant la description des objectifs et appareils d’agrandissement.

    Paris, Victor Masson et fils, 1866.

    First edition. Van Monckhoven developed an optical enlarging apparatus which he patented in Belgium in 1863, and for which he later applied for patents in England and France. The innovation described in this work earned him the bronze medal at the Paris international exhibition of 1867.


  7. WEBER, Bruce.

    Bear Pond.

    Boston, Bullfinch, 1990.

    First edition of Weber’s major work – all-American male nudes in all-American nature.