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Fine photographs and photobooks with an emphasis on the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. We stock images by recognised masters such as Hill & Adamson, Roger Fenton or Julia Margaret Cameron as well as more eclectic examples illustrating the range of formats and processes used in the early years of the medium. This might include fine daguerreotypes, complete photograph albums, carbon or platinum prints by known or amateur photographers.

We are also interested in the work of early travel photographers, particularly those in the Middle and Far East. From later periods we hold work by British photographers specialising in fine art and documentary photography including Alvin Langdon Coburn, J. Dudley Johnston, Bill Brandt and Raymond Moore. We represent Roger Mayne's estate and Mike Seaborne.

  1. HOLLANDER, Paul den.

    Les Pyramides du nord.

    Hilversum, Jan Smit, 1992.

    First edition, urban semi-abstracts of abandoned industrial buildings.


  2. HOMMA, Takashi.

    Tokyo Suburbia.

    Kyoto, Korinsha Press, 1998.

    First edition, signed by Homma on the inside rear cover; the text booklet, in Japanese and English, shows the locations of the photographs on the commuter rail-routes, plus essays by the architect Momoya Kaijima and the sociologist Shinji Miyadai.


  3. JACOBSON, Ken.

    Odalisques & Arabesques: Orientalist Photography 1839–1925.

    [London], Quaritch, 2007.

    Profusely illustrated, this is the most comprehensive survey to date of nineteenth- and early twentieth-century photography of the Middle East and North Africa. Using Orientalist painting as a counterpoint, it primarily relates the extraordinarily rich visual documentation of the peoples and cultures...


  4. JACOBSON, Ken, and Jenny JACOBSON.

    Carrying Off the Palaces: John Ruskin’s Lost Daguerreotypes.

    London, Bernard Quaritch Ltd, 2015.

    The inspiration for this book was a remarkable discovery made by the authors at a small country auction in 2006. One lightly regarded lot was a distressed mahogany box crammed with long-lost early photographs. These daguerreotypes were later confirmed as once belonging to John Ruskin, the great 19th-century...


  5. KERTÉSZ, André.

    Distortions … edited by Nicolas Ducrot with an Introduction by Hilton Kramer.

    New York, Alfred A. Knopf, 1976.

    First edition, publishing in full for the first time Kertész’s important surrealist sequence of nudes in circus mirrors, made possible by the restoration of the original glass-plate negatives.


  6. KEYZER, Carl de.

    God Inc.

    Amsterdam, Focus, 1992.

    First edition; a revealing photo-essay on free-market Christianity. Text in Dutch and English.


  7. KEYZER, Carl de.

    Carl de Keyzer.

    Paris, Centre nationale de la photographie, 1997.

    First edition, very scarce, signed on the title-page by De Keyzer, and dated ‘Naarden ’97’. The catalogue for an exhibition of De Keyzer’s ‘Tableaux d’Histoire’ – not published in its completed form until 2002 – with text in French and English.


  8. LEVITT, Helen.

    Mexico City. With an Essay by James Oles.

    New York, Doubletake/Norton, 1997.

    First edition, no. 18 of 200 signed copies in a deluxe binding. To accompany a travelling exhibition of Levitt’s Mexico photos, shot over a few months in 1941; the essay by the photohistorian James Oles is in both English and Spanish versions.


  9. LEVITT, Helen.

    A Way of Seeing.

    New York, Horizon Press, 1981.

    Second edition, revised, with 24 additional plates, no. 165 of 250 signed limited copies. Agee’s text is presented in its full unabridged state.


  10. MARK, Mary Ellen.

    Ward 81.

    New York, Simon & Schuster, 1979.

    First edition, with an introduction by Milos Forman – Mark’s moving series of portraits taken in the secure female ward of Oregon State Hospital. Mark had first encountered the women there in 1975 on a story about the filming of One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest. She returned the following year and...