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Fine photographs and photobooks with an emphasis on the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. We stock images by recognised masters such as Hill & Adamson, Roger Fenton or Julia Margaret Cameron as well as more eclectic examples illustrating the range of formats and processes used in the early years of the medium. This might include fine daguerreotypes, complete photograph albums, carbon or platinum prints by known or amateur photographers.

We are also interested in the work of early travel photographers, particularly those in the Middle and Far East. From later periods we hold work by British photographers specialising in fine art and documentary photography including Alvin Langdon Coburn, J. Dudley Johnston, Bill Brandt and Raymond Moore. We represent Roger Mayne's estate and Mike Seaborne.

  1. DiCORCIA, Philip-Lorca.

    A Storybook Life.

    Santa Fe, Twin Palms, 2003.

    First edition, signed by DiCorcia on the fly-title. Although chosen from his own life (and taken over three decades), the subjects and scenes here echo the elaborate narrative constructions of DiCorcia’s earlier publications; fiction, fantasy, and autobiography coincide. There was also a numbered limited...


  2. DIEPRAAM, Willem.

    The Dutch Caribbean. Foto’s uit Suriname en de Nederlandse Antillen.

    Amsterdam, De Arbeidespers, 1978.

    First edition, signed by Diepraam on the title-page and dated January 1980, with an Introduction in parallel English and Dutch by Gerard van Westerloo. A personal selection of images of Surinam, Aruba, Curação etc. taken 1973-8 – on the eve of independence. ‘Seldom were the consequences of Dutch...


  3. DIEPRAAM, Willem.

    Foto’s / Photographs.

    Amsterdam, Fragment, 1985.

    First edition, signed by Diepraam on the front endpaper, dated Jan. 1, 2000; a chronological restrospective of the foremost Dutch photojournalist of his generation, himself a prominent campaigner for photography in the Netherlands. Portraits and photojournalism from Europe, the Caribbean and Africa.


  4. DIEPRAAM, Willem.

    Landschap aan Zee. 22 Foto’s.

    Amsterdam, Focus, 1995.

    First edition, very rare, annotated by Diepraam on the title-page ‘The true first edition’ – released in only a very small number of copies. For the more often found version, Landschap aan Zee. 24 Foto’s, printed later in the same month, the title-page was reset, the order of photographs revised,...


  5. DIEPRAAM, Willem.

    Landschap aan Zee. 24 Foto’s.

    Amsterdam, Focus, 1995.

    First edition thus, signed by Diepraam on the title-page, and dated Jan. 1, 2000. It was preceded by a very rare printing with 22 photos in the same month.


  6. ELSKEN, Ed van der.

    Once upon a Time.

    Amsterdam, Fragment, 1991.

    First edition, a posthumous retrospective, with several tributes and essays at the end, and a long bio-bibliography. Text in Dutch.


  7. ESTRIDGE, Henry Watley.

    Six Years in Seychelles; with Photographs from Original Drawings.

    [?London: ?the author], 1885.

    First edition. Following a period in the army, Estridge (1837-1902) was appointed Collector of Customs at Mahé in the Seychelles (probably in 1880), and held the position until 1885, when he returned to England. In 1886 he took up the position of Receiver and Accountant-General, British Bechuanaland...




    New York, Haywire Press, 1978.

    First edition, the ‘social landscape’ 1962–76, on the occasion of an exhibition at the Hudson River Museum. Friedlander subsidised the publication.



    Flowers and Trees.

    New City, NY, Haywire, 1981.

    First edition, with forty full-page black & white prints. The ghost of Bossfeldt seems an undeniable presence, though Friedlander approaches his subject in context and with great honesty.



    Portraits. Foreword by R. B. Kitaj.

    Boston, Little, Brown & Co., 1985.

    First edition, an immaculate copy. Garry Winogrand is the dedicatee and the first subject, and the volume takes in the unknown, the personal, and the famous (Jim Dine, R. B. Kitaj).



    Like a One-Eyed Cat. Photographs 1956-1987.

    New York, Harry N. Abrams, 1989.

    First edition, Friedlander’s first major retrospective, covering thirty years’ work, to accompany an exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum.



    Letters from the People.

    London, Jonathan Cape, 1993.

    First UK edition (simultaneous with US edition), an alphabet of found letters, followed by images of signage, graffiti etc.




    New York, Distributed Art Publishers, 2003.

    First edition, signed by Friedlander on the title-page. The more domestic successor to Flowers and Trees.


  14. GILDEN, Bruce.


    London, Trebuk/Magnum, 2000.

    First edition, a striking book-object, in a distinctive photographic style – Japanese street photographs by the Magnum photographer.


  15. GOLDIN, Nan.

    The Devil’s Playground.

    New York, Phaidon, 2003.

    First edition.


  16. GROEBLI, René.


    New York, Images Gallery, 1978.

    First edition, no. 165 of 666 signed copies, with an original cibachrome print in a window mount. 47 unnerving multiple-exposure nudes, most with an accompanying haiku by John Hennessy.


  17. GRUYAERT, Harry.


    Paris, Textuel, 2003.

    First edition, signed by Gruyaert on the title-page. A very scarce collection of images of shorelines and horizons, ranging from the dramatic to the minimal, published on the occasion of an exhibition at the Rencontre d’Arles.


  18. HAAS, Ernst.

    Color Photography.

    New York, Harry N. Abrams, 1989.

    First edition of the first full-scale retrospective of the master-colourist and Magnum photographer, including many unpublished images from the 1950s to Haas’s death in 1986.


  19. HARRISON, William.

    The lazy Lays, and Prose Imaginings …

    A. D. 1877 (Popular Chronology;) A. M. 5877 (Torquemada;) A. M. 50,800,077 (Huxley.) … London.

    First edition, a presentation copy, of this eccentric collection of verse and prose by the photographer, spiritualist and journalist William Henry Harrison.


  20. HEINECKEN, Robert.


    Carmel, CA, The Friends of Photography, 1980.

    First edition, no. 856 of 2000, signed by Heinecken in pencil on the final leaf. Heavily manipulated photographic imagery, with numerous articles and interviews, some previously unpublished.